Saturn Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Saturn Dream Symbol – When you dream of Saturn it can mean you will beat those who try to destroy you. Are there people around you constantly trying to make your life difficult? Are they trying to negatively affect your business and other areas of your personal life?

Saturn brings the message that it is time for you to face these people. It is time to stand tall in your truth. But, you need to do this with peace in your heart. Once you do this it is likely they will not bother you anymore.

Saturn can represent legal and leadership matters. Seeing Saturn close to the moon is a sign it is a good time to invest in real estate. Saturn in a dream can also symbolize wanting to live a more natural life.

Are you dreaming of escaping to the country? It can also signify that you are happy serving others. Have you always dreamed of devoting your life to the betterment of other people?

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