Dreamstop.com is designed to provide dreamers around the world with the tools and information to help them interpret their dreams. Although some dreams may have no meaning, there are many dreams that can provide significant meaning and value to someones life. It is important for people to understand how they can interpret their own dreams through the various tools provided. If you are new to dream interpretation this is a great place to start. No matter what you dream of, always remember to write it down so you can interpret the meaning of the dream later. The content on this website is free for public use and should not be re-written or re-used without the authorization of dreamstop.com. Any questions related to dreams should be left in the comment section.

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  • Anna

    I would like to use some of this info in an essay about dreams. However I cannot unless I have the authors name as a citation. Please let me know the name of the author and sponsor of this page.

  • Presley Jensen

    me and my little sister were walking around my neighbor hood when the winds started to pick up and a tornado came out of no where. All the houses were locked and all the people were gone. It was just me and my sister, all alone without a house or shelter. This tornado was no ordinary tornado it was set out for my sister. It spun around her and locked her in so no one could get to her. She started to get these crazy indian tattoos all over her body and talking this weird language. I always ended up waking up screaming and crying.