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Salmon Dream Symbol – Salmon visits your dreams to remind you that noting that truly matters to you will come easily to your life. You may have to fight for it. What are you or do you feel the need to fight for? Are you struggling with someone or something? Does something appear to be an impossible dream?

Salmon’s message is not to give up. What may seem impossible now may just be the last hurdles you need to push through to succeed. Remember, it is always hardest before there is a positive breakthrough. Stay focused. Keep putting in the effort and the rewards will come.

Salmon dreamShe can also prod you to look deeper. She asks you to question. Maybe you are caught up in your emotions and this holds back your progress. Take a step back. Take an objective view. See past your emotions. Listen to your intuition. Act instinctively rather than spending too much time worrying about it in your head.

She can bring messages it is time to transform. You need to start working towards your next goal. Stop procrastinating. Nothing will happen without using your wisdom and determination to focus on the next steps of your journey. It is time to get back on track and follow your passions.

You can overcome any challenges along the way. Salmon can also mean you have no problems letting out your emotions to deal with them. She understands that leaving them unexpressed, is asking for disaster. Repressing your emotions causes a buildup until they explode out of control.

When Salmon crosses your Path

Salmon crosses your path to remind of your ability to have empathy. You can put yourself in others’ shoes and truly feel their emotions. Your strong interest in spirituality is rewarded with many long hours focused on manifesting results.

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  1. I had such a vivid dream on Friday, June 29,2018
    I was sitting in a car with the man that I love and he began to carve a Salmon that was in my lap. He had a special tool, and the carving was so meticulous and intentional, precision, and then I looked to my right out the passenger window and my sister was running toward me saying something, I never heard a word…Then last night, I dreamed that the man I am in love with found me hiding in his house squatting down.

  2. how about when someone (you don’t really know exactly in your dream) a relative asked you if your mom can cook this salmon. it was put in a plastic bag (chopped in a sizes related to pork chop), maybe still fresh cause he asked to refrigerate it first. it was for some kind of celebration maybe a feast (idk) to your grandfather’s sister (both have already passed away – grandfather gone long time, grandfather’s sister, just a couple of years ago). you forgot ans suddenly realized the request. needed to hurry up. rushed to mom what to do next. the other part of the salmon, was then prepared by mom. the other half you’re struggling what to do next. very confused as to what to do because no one seems to give you direction, to the point of just slam it to the floor. the other character was scraping the ice because it came from the refrigerator. the “relative” came to pick up the cooked salmon (should be all). because other salmon was still uncooked, they made it excused that the ice was very thick and that they still need to melt and just keep on scraping or taking out the ice into pieces to help it melt faster. then you wake up

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