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Salesperson Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a salesperson can mean there is something missing from your waking life. It could be that you are trying to convince yourself about something or someone. Have you been judging others harshly lately?

Are you trying to weigh up the pros and cons of a decision? Or, is there something you need to compromise about or being forced to accept? It can also be a warning not to trust the person you are currently doing business within your waking life.

A salesman is often associated with deception and dishonesty. Perhaps you are someone you know is deceiving you about something, or the deception may lie within yourself. Have you been reluctant to accept facts about something you know to be true? Perhaps a friend or partner may be using you, but you choose to ignore the signs and continue to trust them. Look for areas of your life that you can spot any deception and see if you can eliminate it.

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  1. I dreamt I was a shoe salesman that took a long time finding a womans request for mid heel light brown sandals in the backroom because I wasnt trained. What does it mean?

    • To me it sounds like your dream was about you unsuccessfully trying to seduce a conservative woman in real life to sleep with you.

      Salesman – trying to convince or deceive
      Heels – phallic symbol
      Brown – a conservative colour
      Back room – a place hidden from view, like a bedroom
      Lack of training – unable to deliver what she wants

  2. I dreamt I was a shoe salesman, and took a long time to find a pair of womens light brown mid heel sandals in the backroom for lack of training

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