Salary Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Salary Dream Symbol – When you dream of salaries it can refer to your potential in your waking life. Spending your salary represents the way you learn new things. This can mean you want to achieve success. Are you trying to advance your professional life? Dreaming of receiving approval for your salary can mean you will solve all the challenges that cross your path.

This will give you greater insight into what you truly believe. A salary decreasing in value can warn of coming tough financial times. Receiving extra salary can indicate there may soon be a financial gain. It can also represent someone trying to swindle you to create problems in your personal life.

Giving your salary away to help the less fortunate foretells your future is bright and happy, and full of luck and all you need. Seeing family members get paid indicates they will succeed in their dreams. A woman who loses her income in a dream can mean there are disappointments soon coming your way. Dreaming your salary is not enough can mean you will argue with those close to you. Losing some of your weekly salaries indicates you will achieve and receive more than you agreed. It is a sign you will achieve more than you expect in your waking life.

A decrease in your income can mean there is evil around you while a raise represents increased profits or income in the near future. Receiving income from a new source can mean others will be ungrateful or put you in danger in some way in your waking reality. This could be through the theft of an idea or of something dear to you, or your influence results in you becoming surprisingly lucky. Receiving your income represents that you work to pay for your way in life. Paying others a salary means you will be successful at work or in business.

Not receiving your salary represents stress and anxiety in your life. Dreaming of an increase in your salary can warn you will not get paid this week. Asking for a raise and being rejected means you will get some money. This could be in relation to a surprise win or an inheritance. Dreaming of being paid for an honest day’s work is letting you know soon your finances will improve. Throwing away your money can mean you that though you are passionate about your work, you are not very well paid. Finding money in a dream can warn you may soon need to borrow money from someone.

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  1. \what about a dream where you learned that one of your staff salary is higher than yours. The dream was set at my previous employer, I stormed over to the boss and asked for a raise, I gave an ultimatum more salary than the staff or I quit, I woke up in my anger and disbelief at the disregard for my experience and education

    • Cara Drummond on

      I have a reoccurring dream that I am back working at an old job I had and not getting paid or not knowing my schedule. Any insight about what this would mean?

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