Salamander Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Salamander Dream Symbol – Salamander is a water dweller and brings messages of emotions, spirituality, and how to move easily through the challenges you meet. She may come to ask if you use your time wisely. This is a time where you need to act quickly before opportunities slip away. Do you procrastinate? Procrastinating is a great way to set yourself up for failure. Get up off your butt. Get moving. Focus your energy on achieving success.

Salamander’s appearance in your dreams is a message of transformation. She comes to assist you make changes to prepare for this transformation to take place. Someone is going to come into your life specifically to assist in your transformation. They will not be a longtime friend. Their only purpose is to help you through the transformation for as long as you need. Be alert to who this may be.

Salamander dreamThis nocturnal amphibian is also symbolic of secrets, intuition, dreams, and psychic abilities. She calls on you to use your unique gifts to regenerate and grow your life. While salamander is most active at night, this can be a message that you need to balance between day and night to understand all opportunities. Look deep within to understand what secrets your subconscious holds. Salamander reminds to follow your gut instincts for often that is how the universe communicates with you.

This coldblooded animal teaches lessons about adjusting to changes. She reminds that change is inevitable. There is no point getting all upset about something you cannot control There is no point fighting it. Accept it. Use it to your advantage. Alternatively, she shows you can survive anything without embarrassment. You work through all challenges with perseverance and courage.

Salamander brings messages of regeneration and regrowth with its ability to regrow lost limbs. She reminds that nothing is truly lost. Look deep within. Revive. Regrow what you thought lost to you. Follow your intuition to know what to revive and what to leave well enough alone.

When Salamander crosses your Path

Salamander crosses your path to remind of your deep connection to the environment and mother earth. You care passionately about the natural environment and understand its vital role in sustaining humanity.

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  1. Yesterday I got into a fight with my mom and right now I had a dream where I came home but there was a lot going on and one thing was my parents bought a salamander as a pet. I kept getting drawn to the salamander and eventually took it out of the cage because I really wanted to hold it. Throughout the dream I lost and found it in the couch. Definitely believe this article is right…change is coming

  2. I had a very odd dream the other night; I dreamed that I was being chased by a salamander the size of a small dog that was red and on fire. What does that mean?

  3. I had a dream that I got out of a truck parked on leaves and on the ground there were salamanders everywhere. Huge ones and small ones and some coming out of the other ones and I was trying not to step on them. I’m scared to death of animals like that.

  4. I don’t exactly remember what i was doing with other people but in a moment an animal appeared and followed the action of me and other actors of the dream. then arrives a sort of spirirual dance coach explaining an exercise and then he comes to me and we spoke and walked togher . The animal followed us. Only at the “end” I asked the specie of this animal and he told me “its a salamander, and she (the salamander) came inside my pullover up to my arm . The choreographer : “dont be afraid of it” so i relaxed and salamander came of cleaning her face.

    I dont know if the animal i saw is a salamander or a sort of anfibios i invented so the queation is : was it a salamander in my dream because the choreographer told me that ?

  5. GiftedPisces on

    I had a dream a few nights ago about a huge salamander in an empty apartment. I was scared of it and running from it until it bit me. I wasn’t scared anymore but I did get angry. That feeling went away quick though. It wasn’t until I meditated for the first time that I was able to remember my dream for the first time in a while. The word SALAMANDER stood out and flashed several times in my dream. I have a complete understanding of what it meant now.

  6. I had a dream last night about a big salamander with a huge tail (about as long as its body) eating a snake. What does that mean?

  7. I woke up in the middle of yhe night around 4 am, i heard a knock on the bedroom sliding glass door, there was a shadow on the glass of a salamander, i watched it crawl up the glass,to above the blinde,onto the wall,crawled to the corner of the blind, and sat there. I jumped out of bed!! Turned on the light. It was gone. I even opened tje blind to look for it. Turned out the light, went back to bed, it appeared again. At first i thought it was a dream inside of a dream. But i am to question if i was awake. I see things offen like that. I was surprised I got scared.

  8. Gloria Velasquez on

    Hello, I had a dream related with salamanders . But I don’t know what to think about this strange dream. In my dream somebody was telling me things, I don’t know this person. He said that there is a kind of evil in the place I was. He told me that the way I would recognise it would be when I see a salamander. He also told me that I was protected from that evil and my protection was a tattoo of chains in my right arm, when I saw my arm I realized that in effect I had the said tattoo. The next day in the morning (this is in my dream) when I woke up I saw the tattoo in my right arm but when I saw my other arm I had a tattoo of a salamander. I remembered what the person told me about salamanders and I felt bad. Suddenly I realized that the salamander started to become alive and it was going out of my arm. Then I also realized that the salamander started to grow and I look at its belly and I saw eggs growing inside it as well. So I thought that I couldn’t allow that evil to grow and multiplied either, so I grabbed a big stick and started to killing that animal. That is how my dream basically finished.
    After reading the meaning of dreaming with a salamander, I don’t know how to interpret my dream. I would like to know what do you think about it?

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