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Russia Dream Symbol – A dream about Russia can mean you are involved in a situation or with people who focus on winning no matter what they have to do. Being in Russia can indicate someone is trying to sabotage you or you could be sabotaging yourself.

It can also represent repressed emotions or not being allowed to speak out. You may feel trapped and downtrodden. Do you feel as if your voice is being shut down? Do you feel powerless? Do you feel as if someone or something has total control over your life?

Dreaming of Russia can be a sign there are those around you trying to sabotage your success. You may even have a self-defeating outlook on something important in your waking life.

Seeing Russian people in a dream indicates you will do whatever it takes to win no matter the emotional cost to yourself. You may need perseverance along your life path to achieve your dreams. You have no trouble flushing out the troublemakers in your waking life and ensuring they are removed from your circle of friends. You will stop at nothing to stop you enemies.

Negatively, Russian people can represent lying and cheating to get what you want. Using leverage to get people out of your way. Is this happening to you? Or, are you doing this to someone else? Can you never admit when you are wrong?

Russian people can also mean you have such self-control you have forgotten how to feel. Do you believe that feeling good or being happy is a sign of weakness? Do you only care about the short-term gains instead of setting up your long-term future?

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  1. Russian people can represent lying and cheating – No, it doesn’t mean that.
    It could only mean lying and cheating to an American who is immersed in hatred towards everything that is Russian.

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