Runaway Dream Symbol


Runaway – A runaway is a dream symbol of avoiding responsibility and problems. If you dream of someone else being a runaway, this can have multiple interpretations. You may see them as being irresponsible and cowardly, and this may be the cause of this dream symbol.

Alternatively, this can indicate that your unconscious mind is trying to tell you something important about this person: they are overwhelmed and frightened, and need reassurance and the stability of someone else “being there” for them. The first interpretation is judgmental, and you need to address your own judgments. The second interpretation is compassionate, and is an insight into the other person that your conscious mind may not have had yet.

If you dream that you are the one being the runaway, this indicates that you feel threatened by something in your life, enough to need to run away from it. This is a common dream to have when you are in school or have a stressful job with many deadlines. If you dream of being a runaway with bad guys chasing you, this is a classic cortisol-fueled stress dream.

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  1. So i dreamt that i was texting my sister and she said just runaway and Ive been thinking about running away for a while now and i just want to know are my dreams telling me to go? Cause the interpertation of my dream has got to be different.

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