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Rumor – Rumors are very important to our reputation, as our ability to make friends, advance socially, or even have a good job often depend on our reputation and whether other people believe we are good people or bad people. No one likes to hear that there are rumors being told of them, especially as rumors tend to be about negative things, and are often both false and libelous. As such, a rumor is a powerful dream symbol of our feelings about others’ judgment of us.

If you dream of someone speaking about you in a certain way, or if you dream of rumors being told about you and your reputation being changed or affected by a certain event, this indicates your feelings about others’ judgment of you. Of course, this really represents your own judgment of yourself, manifested in your beliefs about what others think about you, or in fears about what they might think about you if certain things come to light.

Dreaming that you hear others telling rumors about you is a clear indication that you fear them saying these things. It is also an indication that on some level you feel this to be true about yourself and their judgment warranted.

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  1. I had a dream a dream of a false rumour about myself of stealing words of people for a school assignment which was untrue but everyone seems to believe it and constantly approach me about it. I tried telling them and no one would listen. I would then always find myself alone for the rest of the dream. What does this mean?

  2. I dreamt about Pauline Hansen, a political figure in the Australian government, spreading rumors about me which were entirely false.
    Since I’m currently in my 12th year of highschool, I had a dream based on an event where our class went on an excursion to the parliament, upon which we were sitting in front of some important members of the government.
    Pauline Hansen was one of those members, and she had said something that did not go with my beliefs and values. Something about how muslims should be segregated from the general population (to which she has said things like this in real life, racism towards other groups) and since I am a Muslim myself, I had utter disgust and disbelief written across my face. I was shocked that someone would say something of the sort, but none of my peers seemed to bat an eyelash. They seemed to find this normal.
    After their speeches had ended, we were able to disperse and explore the parliament. This is when Pauline Hansen had approached me.
    “What you did was very rude.”
    I couldn’t recall doing anything that might have instigated a comment such as this. I was always polite, in real life and in my dream. So I was taking my brain for some sort of reason as to what rude things I could have done.
    I reply “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mrs Hansen”
    “You know what you did. I’m going to let everyone know how horribly you acted during my speech. You are not a kind person, you are a monster that’s been hidden behind your scarf” (referring to the hijab I was wearing)
    And then it hit me. She was talking about a facial expression I pulled when she was talking about my people. I was angry but on the verge of tears as well, everyone makes facial expressions. Some can’t control them when they hear something as outrageous as a plan to segregate Muslims.
    This was when I started to cry, but I could see on her face a look of satisfaction.
    The next day, I was in our school’s art room, when the year coordinatior came in. He was looking for something, he didn’t appear to have all the time in the world.
    “Sir, do you need something. Maybe I can help.”
    “Oh, no don’t worr-” he paused as he looked at me. “Ah, it’s you. Rosa was it? You have dug a deep hole for yourself young lady for what you did yesterday.”
    I wanted to cry again. “What did I do exactly? And I hope you know that I only pulled a facial expression. Everyone does it! I wasn’t ever rude to her, she only came up to me and told me she was going to spread false claims about me!”
    He sat in front of me. He had a smile that he was trying to hide. “I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do.”
    Then he left the art room after finding a few sheets of paper that he had needed. And I was left alone with people knowing things about me that aren’t even true.

    What does this dream mean?

  3. So life was a bit normal and I had good friends and everyone liked me in the community.
    I was having lunch with this family. My mom and I were there.
    The other family also have 2 daughters, mom and dad like me.
    And my mom was praising me, kissing my hand and saying that she’s very proud of me and I was like: ma…. stahp..
    but it was evident that we were very good together.

    I’m not sure what was the rumor but after some time, like maybe a few days, everyone was against me.
    All the people in the neighborhood, shopkeepers didn’t wanted to sell me anything, Henna didn’t wanted to talk to me.
    Apparently i think that aunty complained that i did something wrong to her. And it was horrible. I told them that’s such a big lie and Idk what you’re talking about at all.

    I was in the store and I was with Henna. Henna wasn’t happy with me either but she was still talking to me. And the same woman and man I had dinner with came there.
    And I wanted to ask her, there was something fishy with the way she talked to me and said I’m leaving. But I still held her strongly and I took her to a corner along with Henna and asked her, what happened and stuff, why did you spread a rumor about me.

    And she started crying and said that when she saw that i had a good relationship with my mom she was upset and she was jealous and wished that she had the same with her daughter. And so she spread rumors to ruin my relationship with everyone.
    And then I told her to take me to the neighborhood.
    I told her, “you’re going to go now and tell everyone this is a lie about me, okay? You have to tell everyone”

    And we were walking at night and whenever she sees a street not her own, she goes crazy and thinks we’re lost. She went at the back and started crying, I said not to worry, we’re going home, it’s Bensonhurst, not bay ridge, we’ll reach there if you’re calm.

    And then she was for a while and I woke up.

  4. I dreamt that I was helping a teenager get some food at a donation place. I wanted to make sure that he had food to eat so I got a reusable bag to fill it up with food. I was in charge of this kid so I wanted to make sure that he was well taken care of. Apparently I had made some type of arrangement with a family that I was going to do this. Then all of a sudden I see this girl that I am not too fond of in real life spreading rumors about what I was doing. She was saying negative things about me to other people. I get so mad and I start arguing with her asking her why was she doing this. And then her mom comes up to me and start attacking me verbally. I look at my arm and I noticed that I have on a bracelet made out of beads. And right then and there I made a decision that I was going to give this bracelet back to her I was really sad that things had gone this way and that I was giving back something I was so dear to me. Before giving it back to her I grab the bracelet and started praying over this girl that was spreading rumors about me I ask God to forgive her and I prayed a little bit more adding her mom to the prayer and then I give her the bracelet. Just like that we were no longer arguing anymore .

    What does this mean.

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