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Rug – There are several possible meanings for the dream symbol of a rug. The phrase “sweep it under the rug” is a common one and means covering up bad things and facts that would make a person, an organization, or a family look bad. In essence, all evidence of anything bad happening is removed and appearances are made to look completely normal and respectable, even though the actual facts may be quite negative and incriminating.

Your dream about a rug may therefore be signifying a desire or compulsion to pretend that everything is all right and an avoidance of the conflict that would ensue from addressing the facts head-on. Alternatively, a rug can be an important decoration in a room, bringing warmth and softness.

Dreaming of putting a rug in a room may be an indication of a desire or need to bring a gentle touch to your life somehow, either by taking better care of yourself or by paying more attention to your relationships.

The location of the rug is important in the dream symbol as well, as a rug in the living room signifies the family, while a rug in front of the door that is used as a Welcome mat signifies friends, extended family, and neighbors, and your way of welcoming of them into your home and into your life.

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  1. I dreamt I was in a vehicle that was driving down a highway… ( I don’t know if the highway was running north and south OR running east and west) anyway.. down the median of this highway was a house of rugs.. the wall, ceiling EVERYTHING about this house was made of rugs… thousands and thousands of rugs.. some old.. some new.. in this dream.. we slowed the car down so we could look at the rugs.. it went on for about 10 miles ( the sign at the beginning said ‘A House Of Rugs next 10 miles’ )
    And just as we were getting to pass the house of rugs… I woke up!!

  2. I had a dream that our living room rug had a rectangular hole in it that when they laid down the carpet.. and they hid it with a patch . I hole about a foot long..and the patch disappeared and reviled empty space the size of a shoe box

  3. I had a dream where I was cleaning up someone’s house and I found a rug made of rats that was upside down. When I lifted it, a greyish, white rat ran out and was trying to bite me. Then when I was trying to back up from it there was a desk beside me with a cockroach on it. You know it’s little intenas or whatever. Well they made the shape of a heart before jumping on me.

  4. I’ve had 2rug dreams lately. Last nights was so horrible.

    My dark brown, red, black, beige n white morrocon style woollen rugs was swiftly eaten away by a hoard of flying insects …
    very soon after this, about 20 rats came n finished off the mat.

    Between the insect an the rats, they totally dessicated my rug.

    The 2nd dream occurred the day before th first dream, except there was no rats … but basically the same-old carry on.

  5. Tracie Anderson on

    In my dream there was a white rug and when I rub the rug there were small black spots that look like fleas what dose it mean

  6. In the bedroom my husband and I In my drem see 2 small rugs side by side and one of them floats on top of the other squarely and evenly I start freaking out in my dream and my husband in shock wide eyed and I wake up

  7. In my dream, the mat at my front door was missing. I searched and found it in our garage…covered with other items I cannot recall. In the dream it was inferred that my husband put it in our garage.

  8. And Peggy! on

    okay, so i had a dream where it was in third-person pov (similar to a documentary), and it was telling the story of a man who claimed his rugs would never gain stains — because they were pure black. he would actively go out and buy other rugs, and take them back to his station to remove the black thread to place within his own rugs. what would this mean?

  9. Ara ouzounian on

    Hi and thanks for giving the meaning but still there are some minings to be in touch with as ( caring big rug on shoulder and small rug on hand ) this will have to be 2 minings , So ??? Didn’t see or read about it .

  10. Ara ouzounian on

    Hi and thanks for giving the meaning but still there are some minings to be in touch with as ( caring big rug on shoulder and small rug on hand ) this will have to be 2 minings , So ??? Didn’t see or read about it . Thank you .

  11. I was on a big train passing through rugs stores, in some city, and at some point I could even look through the rugs in the train.

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