Rubble Dream Symbol


Rubble – Rubble is a negative and dangerous dream symbol indicating the aftermath of a huge catastrophe or cataclysm. If you dream of seeing rubble, especially if you dream of seeing people in the rubble displaced or injured by the storm or other catastrophe, this is an indication of fears of terrible and traumatic events in the future.

It is also possible that you are foreseeing a terrible event that is going to happen, in which people will suffer and send out psychological vibrations that reach you in your sleep. Prophetic dreams do occur, and seem to occur with more frequency the more destructive or catastrophic an event is.

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  1. Rose DeVore on

    I have had this recurring dream of a collapsed High Way system and the people and I are suppose to make our way through it. I am always around 24-26 miles away from my destination in Texas. I am always jogging on foot. Not running. Just Jogging saying it’s quicker for me if I run.
    But I do have to squeeze my way through some collapsed overpasses on the way.
    The rubble seems to stretch from CA to FL then to TX (my ending).
    I go to the same places in each State. CA is always around LA and in FL, it’s arounda Bay leading out to the sea and my ending destination is San Antonio.
    Last Night my High Way System was also ingulfed by three tornados.

    I’ve been dreaming this for around 6 months now.

  2. I had a dream that someone was under the rubble but he was not injured he was hiding (not of me but of something/someone ) and he was peeking. Also he had some kind of a weapon I think a gun.

    I was just right next to the rubble but he wasn’t paying attention to me.

    This dream is very strange but feels so real. What makes it strange is the fact that man had very scary eyes but I was not scared I kept laughing. Can someone help me understand this dream please

  3. Hi, I dreamt of an event with planes over head dropping bombs and trying to black out windows. The next image is of some kind of building rubble. An important building and everyone is shell shocked. I doubt this is something which is going to happen lol. I have strange dreams all the time. The rubble bit is weird. People looking at the rubble as though it signifies something

  4. I dream was a diary book (closed), a ballpoint pen next to the book and a pile of rubble (bricks) Please advise me of the interpretation of this dream.

    Rubble on the left
    Pen in the middle
    Book on the right

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