Rubber Dream Symbol


Rubber – The dream symbol of rubber indicates resilience and the ability to bounce back from adversity. A rubber band symbolizes something that holds two things together, allowing them to move apart but always pulling them back together, gently or forcefully depending on how far it was stretched to begin with. If you dream of being connected to another thing or person by a rubber band, this indicates your feeling of being bound to them.

This may be a frustrated feeling – that is, you may feel that you cannot get away and all your attempts to do so are in vain. It may also be a safe feeling, that the thing you are attached to by a rubber band is not going to leave you, and that you can be secure and sure of it. If you dream of a rubber ball, this symbolizes childhood fun and innocence, and also a particular quality of youthful energy: that it bounces back quickly and emphatically, and the harder it falls the higher it will bounce again.

This symbol of a rubber ball is a beneficial and hopeful dream symbol, because if you have the qualities of the rubber ball, then you also have the unique gift of being able to turn any adverse circumstance into an opportunity to reach for ever greater heights.

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  1. adriana perez on

    What if you dream your pulling rubber bands from your throat and you keep pulling and it only seems to get even more full of them.

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