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Rub – To rub is a dream symbol that has several different possible meanings. If you dream about rubbing something to remove dirt – for instance, rubbing a coin to make it shiny and remove tarnish – this is a dream symbol that indicates the value of taking care of possessions and the things you already have, to keep them fresh and usable. In a dream, this applies to non-physical objects as well as physical objects.

The coin you rub and make shiny may represent a relationship, a friendship, a job, or a hobby; or it may represent your financial state and a desire to make the best use of the actual possessions you have so as to save money.

On the other hand, if you dream about rubbing up against someone, or of being rubbed up against, this is a dream symbol in which personal space is violated and a person is being treated disrespectfully. Consider whether you are the one rubbing or being rubbed, because this dream symbol may equally be an indication that you are being treated badly by another person and a warning that you are treating someone else badly.

If you dream of rubbing an object to be able to see writing or a picture clearly, this is symbolic of making a great effort to understand a message that is being sent to you, or the underlying truth behind a seemingly straightforward fact.

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  1. I have ancanthosis nigricans….. its a skin pigmentation disorder due to the high levels of insulin. So in my dream i dreamnt that some lady was rubbing a pickle on my arm to get rid of the darkness… idk what thats supposed to mean…

  2. Lately I have been having a reoccurring incident in all of my dreams where I rub the same persons back. It’s not necessarily a sensual rub, but it’s the same person every time. I do have feelings for this person in real life, so I just wanted to know what this meant.

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