Rowing Dream Symbol


Rowing – Dreaming of rowing is a dream symbol of journeying to achieve your goals. Dreaming of moving forward in a rowboat signifies your feelings about accomplishing the things you want to accomplish in your life. If you dream about rowing easily and making quick progress across a body of water, this means that you are confident about your ability to go where you want in life.

In addition, water represents the unconscious, so your place in the rowboat indicates your feelings about your own unconscious. If you dream that you skim the surface of the water while rowing in a rowboat and are afraid of getting wet, this indicates that you are afraid of the things you might find in your unconscious if you delved too deeply into it.

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  1. I don’t want to share a big dream so I’ll make the key points that made me anxious. I was on a surfboard but I had a stick to lead me , underwater were sharks I couldn’t see them the water was very dark blue . (This made me very nervous) everytime i felt uneasy I felt little waves but they weren’t strong . Id get very anxious an scared of the sharks that I couldn’t see while trying to cross the a body of water . But my boyfriend was on that surfboard with me which made me happy. and right before the strong wave came from under us he appeared with his own surfboard rowing & we reached a dock.. I wanted to know if anyone could help me try to understand what my dream was telling me for my future .

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