Rowboat Dream Symbol


Rowboat – A rowboat is a dream symbol of journeying to achieve your goals. Dreaming of moving forward in a rowboat signifies your feelings about accomplishing the things you want to accomplish in your life. If you dream about rowing easily and making quick progress across a body of water, this means that you are confident about your ability to go where you want in life.

In addition, water represents the unconscious, so your place in the rowboat indicates your feelings about your own unconscious. If you dream that you skim the surface of the water in a rowboat and are afraid of getting wet, this indicates that you are afraid of the things you might find in your unconscious if you delved too deeply into it.

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  1. I dreamt I was happily playing in the plains of Africa with two lion friends rolling and hugging and play fighting. When I was approached by a man I knew who said something that made me want to go with him. My lion friends were sad and so was I but I had to go. I told them with my heart that I would return. The person who had now become a woman brought me to meet a lovely family in a beautiful home. Who owned everything as far as the eye could see. Suddenly I was in a wedding dress happily getting prepared to wed someone I did not know. And then the mother of the family started shouting from another place. Where everyone I knew was waiting that I had to hurry. I was taking to long the wedding time is now. And suddenly I didn’t want to get married anymore. I wasn’t happy. I was afraid. I was afraid they were trying make me marry the man I am divorcing. I tried to find reasons to take longer hoping that people would just give up and leave but the mother kept shouting louder and being pushier. I tried to run away. I found myself in a rowboat rowing upstream in a stream of thick liquid that looked orange and blue and purple and metallic but maybe a little like playdough. And it was easy to row but i didn’t seem to be getting any further from the mother who was now pleading with someone to go get me and bring me back. The person was kind and gentle and instantly convinced me to go with them. As I was walking towards the wedding I realized I was a lot skinnier than I am now.And my dress was on backwards. And I was suddenly wearing a red lace shall. I tried to leave to go to the bathroom and fix my dress but the person said no it’s fine just the way it is. And then I saw a glimpse of the groom. He was walking out of a vortex of clouds and light and he was wearing a stunning suit of white with cream lapels and grey and pink accents. He was handsome and beautiful and loving all in one glimpse. And I could feel him. He felt familiar to me. But before I could see his face I woke up.

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