Rotten Dream Symbol


Rotten – Dreaming of something being rotten is a relatively unusual dream symbol. It signifies unseen faults or flaws, or hidden dangers plaguing some important part of your life. If you dream of smelling something rotten, this is a sign that you need to examine your life to see where something could be festering and causing harm – a relationship that is going bad, or a toxic friendship, or a job that you hate.

If you dream of seeing something rotten that you had expected to find whole and sound, you should research the dream symbol of the thing that was rotten so that you can understand what it is that is endangered in your life.

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  1. Hi
    I need some help
    I haven’t been watching any horror movies or reading horror books or anything like that before you ask.

    I had a really weird dream
    There was this tiny creature. A little tree person or something but it was really tiny and super ugly without eyeballs and someone stepped on it but somehow it wasn’t dead only…damaged. But it got hallucinations or something and suddenly everything was pretty and it wasn’t ugly anymore and all the other tiny tree creatures had hallucinations too and then one was born that didn’t have them and then everything changed
    And the tree creatures all had no eyeballs and were rotting with worms and disgusting goo coming out of their eyes and mouths

    I’m utterly confused can anyone tell me what this means?

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