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Roses Dream Symbol –¬†Interpreting roses blooming in your dreams is a matter of interpreting the dream as a whole. Your feelings around the roses in your dreams also help you understand the meaning. If you feel a longing for someone lost to you, this reflects your feelings in real life. It usually represents feelings in the immediate past or in your present. Sweet smelling roses bring messages of love and happiness to your life.

Dreaming of roses brings feelings of romance, love, passion, and friendship. It can also represent fertility, loyalty, and respect. Roses symbolize how you feel about the things that happen in your life. How you feel about the situations and people who affect you.

rose-dreamsRed roses mean there may be a new romance in your life. You may recognize this new someone has exciting potential. It can also mean you are happy with your partner. Being given red roses can mean your love life will reach new levels of romance.

White roses can mean a perfect love and purity. This may be because you are shy about declaring your feelings for someone. You may feel unsure about something though you feel this love to be true. Dying or dead white roses indicate death or health problems. Seeing white roses on a casket can mean there are new beginnings and you leave behind the old, negativity you no longer need.

Dreaming of yellow roses symbolizes deep, meaningful friendships. It can also mean you can see others are falling in love. You may even be aware of an admirer around you. It can also mean you want to be closer to someone. But, they may not even notice you around. A wilting yellow rose may indicate it is a time to spend more time with your friends. Pink roses reflect sexual passion or there is someone constantly on your mind you desire. They can also be a warning to not become controlling or obsessed over the person you love.

Withered roses can mean a true love is lost to you. It may be a relationship has ended. Or, may end soon. It can even mean that you love someone more than they love you. Thorny roses represent the issues and challenges in your reality. They may represent tough love where you need to do something for the sake of someone else. Thorns can also indicate there is danger in being in love with this person in your reality.

Roses symbolize love. Dreaming of being given roses is a symbol of the love and passion that the giver has for you, just like being given roses in real life. Of course, in a dream, it can also alternatively symbolize the love that you wish that person had for you, or the love you believe that person has for you.

Many times, our subconscious or unconscious minds give us insights into our relationships that we do not realize in our waking consciousness. So while you should not simply assume that your dream about roses guarantees that another person feels romantically toward you, you should definitely consider the message this dream is telling you about the relationship.

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