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Roses Dream Symbol – Interpreting roses blooming in your dreams is a matter of interpreting the dream as a whole. Your feelings around the roses in your dreams also help you understand the meaning. If you feel a longing for someone lost to you, this reflects your feelings in real life. It usually represents feelings in the immediate past or in your present. Sweet smelling roses bring messages of love and happiness to your life.

Dreaming of roses brings feelings of romance, love, passion, and friendship. It can also represent fertility, loyalty, and respect. Roses symbolize how you feel about the things that happen in your life. How you feel about the situations and people who affect you.

rose-dreamsRed roses mean there may be a new romance in your life. You may recognize this new someone has exciting potential. It can also mean you are happy with your partner. Being given red roses can mean your love life will reach new levels of romance.

White roses can mean a perfect love and purity. This may be because you are shy about declaring your feelings for someone. You may feel unsure about something though you feel this love to be true. Dying or dead white roses indicate death or health problems. Seeing white roses on a casket can mean there are new beginnings and you leave behind the old, negativity you no longer need.

Dreaming of yellow roses symbolizes deep, meaningful friendships. It can also mean you can see others are falling in love. You may even be aware of an admirer around you. It can also mean you want to be closer to someone. But, they may not even notice you around. A wilting yellow rose may indicate it is a time to spend more time with your friends. Pink roses reflect sexual passion or there is someone constantly on your mind you desire. They can also be a warning to not become controlling or obsessed over the person you love.

Withered roses can mean a true love is lost to you. It may be a relationship has ended. Or, may end soon. It can even mean that you love someone more than they love you. Thorny roses represent the issues and challenges in your reality. They may represent tough love where you need to do something for the sake of someone else. Thorns can also indicate there is danger in being in love with this person in your reality.

Roses symbolize love. Dreaming of being given roses is a symbol of the love and passion that the giver has for you, just like being given roses in real life. Of course, in a dream, it can also alternatively symbolize the love that you wish that person had for you, or the love you believe that person has for you.

Many times, our subconscious or unconscious minds give us insights into our relationships that we do not realize in our waking consciousness. So while you should not simply assume that your dream about roses guarantees that another person feels romantically toward you, you should definitely consider the message this dream is telling you about the relationship.

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  1. Mansi Mittal on

    Last night , may be early in the morning…
    I have seen so many red roses blossom in my home garden… I was very happy and excited. roses were dark red colour and looking very beautiful… my dream , I sa my sister plucked 1 -2 roses . I shouted on her, as she is plucking those roses, then she said she wanna make some sweets or gulakand from theses roses. Then I said, if u really wanna make sweets and gulakand then it is fine.

    What does that dream means ???

  2. I dreamt there was a bouquet of white longstem roses laying on the ground beside a garden. I looked at them and said that a certain person left them there. I considered taking them inside but didn’t. Instead a picked on up, noticing that the others on the bottom were fresher in appearance,, and placed it back down

  3. I dreamed my deceased dad, mom and siblings visited me and my parents told my elders brother to give me a yellow rose

  4. I dreamt of a rose Vine with beautiful color roses and I wanted to pick them but I couldn’t reach them and it was growing all the way into the sky straight up

  5. I dreamed about rose. 1 red beautiful rose, like in the beauty in the beast. It is placed in a pot. In my dream, it’s a bad luck that need to be remove in my aunt’s garden because it is the reason why there is a bad spirit. I seems like it attracted bad spirit. I don’t know but I am not comfortable with my dream and I know there’s a meaning about my dream. So if you know some info about it, just let me know.

  6. Anupam Rekha on

    I had a dream of pink roses, bunches of them behind my house on the side of a swamp, waving happily like they were in love, soothing and pleasant atmosphere like in spring season, i was happy to see those roses, and then there were more red roses and flowers in my garden, where I came, after peeping at the pink roses besides the swamp. and then i gently went into my veranda, was still watching my garden.

  7. Elsie Cuenco on

    i dreamed someone gave me a white roses but i dont know who’s that guy..i am 100% sure he is a guy..whats that means???

    • Hi and thank you for this article. I recently had to break up with the man who has my heart. We’ve been back and forth for a year. He will not commit to me, he says we’re just friends but we’ve had a magical connection. He’s had me so confused I just can’t take it anymore. Unfortunately, I do believe there may be someone else but I don’t know. I had to assume or be confused so I’ve removed myself completely. However the other night I had a full dream of us and my daughter. It was like 4 different settings, I remembered vividly. He presented me with a Bouquet of red roses no thorns they were a darker red but then they turned white. Then as I turn to him to say thank you he put a crown of roses that were also white around my head that was just the beginning of the dream and I was very happy and I had the feeling that I had when we met. I was so in love. I’d love your opinion, please.

  8. Mine was more of a nightmare than a pleasant dream.

    It all started with this story of a boy who was kidnapped and turtored, (by turtore, I am talking about rape) the boy then had a case of Stockholm syndrome, he loved the man who had captured him. (At this point he was still having sex with the man) That relationship ended with the boy killing his friends while I was watching on my TV (in my dream), trying to cover my face with my blanket, but I could still see it.
    Then next thing I know I’m at my school, (I’m currently a sophomore, about to be a junior) and I was in the auditorium. There was a funeral going on but the guy who died looked medieval and no body was really paying attention, instead they were recording and making jokes about dead people. (I could tell this was not a play. People don’t dress so nicely for a high school play.) But, anyways, I left the auditorium and saw my mom randomly pop up by her car and asked if I needed a ride, I told her that I want to walk with my friend Lizz and her boyfriend, Dominic. She shrugged as she just stood there, watching us. We went to our buses part of the parking lot and there were all these elementary students and a few of the high school teachers. The kids were loading up on the bus and I was talking to the teachers, some of the kids had this terrifying face of their eyes rolled into the back of their head, their jaws to the floor and their skin was as grey as a corpse.
    As the kids loaded onto the buses, one of the buses exploded, one of my teachers, Ms. Reinhardt started to try to go towards the scene but the English teacher stopped her. I then shielded her vision with my jacket so that I could calm her down. “Just one tiny look, please,” Ms. Reinhardt said to me as she tried to look over my jacket. (In my dream, I was holding my arms up while holding the body part of the jacket, not the sleeves. I just didn’t know how to word it correctly)
    After the smoke had cleared away, there was these block letter cutouts of letters along with some blood and pieces of the children who blew up. The letters were laid out in a word type of format. I think the word read: “hweffty”.
    I asked a guy named Victor if he could give me a ride home. He agreed to give me one, but he had to do some things first, so me, Lizz, and Dominic headed towards the highschool, I picked up my boots on the way. (I have no idea why they were off in the first place, but anyways..)
    At the school it was towered floor to rooftop with these very large packages of paper towels and people couldn’t get in. I looked at a window and saw that there was an opening in the window, inside it looked like a vintage kitchen with a small stove and cabinet near the window. (that’s all I saw at least) Dominic decided to go inside, he started cooking something up for him. Then I was face to face with one of the cooks, her name was Mavis. She dragged me in through the window and sat me in a wobbly chair as she climbed up on the cabinet. She was sitting like a cat would if it was sitting on top of the fridge or even on the couch. Mavis started screaming at me and throwing these very sharp red roses and red Christmas ornaments. I tried to reason with her. But the nightmare ended with her tackling me. (In my dream I was screaming and I didn’t even hit the floor.)

    I gasped loudly as I woke up and even startled my kittens that were laying beside me. This dream was so weird and terrifying and now I’m trying to stay awake bc I usually have continued nightmares..

  9. Hi,
    In my dream; there were red roses everywhere, bunches of roses, petals of roses everywhere (all looking bright and deep red), and the phrase (roses are red, violets are blue) kept ringing in my mind. Then there was a guy in a black T’Shirt (not a familiar face) was standing in the midst of all roses with a red gleam in his eyes!

    Okay so, I was happy in the first part of the dream with all the roses around, felt more like heaven but then my feelings changed to fear when the guy appeared…

  10. Hi my dream is I fall into a rose bush and fall asleep as I sleep in being swallowed up by the thorny part of the roses. This is driving me can’t find the meaning.

  11. My dream was of bunches of roses. All kinds and colors. Beautiful. I searched my house for cases to put them into but didn’t finish putting them in water. I had to leave to work and I came back and a female friend had given them all away to a guy I liked so that they could be useful. She didn’t want the roses to go to waste. At first I told her it was fine. But it wasn’t. I was left with rose heads that someone had cut off the bouquets and I started crying and fought with her. Finally telling her they weren’t hers to give away. Our friendship was ruined. I couldn’t forgive her for giving away my roses without asking me.

  12. What does it mean if you are given a red rose in a dream and the petals fall off? It could have been because for some reason, I woke to roses under my pillow – and that was a bit rough on them, but the roses made me feel very happy and loved. I’d still like to know the symbolism behind the falling petals though, if someone could reply 🙂

  13. Hello. I dreamt I found a greetings card from a colleague. I opened it and there was a yellow rose inside. I took it out and the petals collapsed into dust slowly. Some tiny white flowers appeared out of it.
    My cat was walking across the room and I realised I’d neglected her so I stroked her. (She died 4 years ago)..

  14. Hi.. I´ve dreamed of two big bushes of roses.. beautiful floureshing full grown big roses (one yellow and the other.. the people in my dreams told me that they were white.. but i knew they werent that white and the had like a little degrading of a grey lila… the people in my dream told me that they were a part of a monument of the virgen mary.. can you help with this please

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