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Ropes – Dreaming about ropes is a symbol of control. Ropes are most often used to attach one person or item to another person or item, or to prevent a person or animal from moving in a certain way. Your exact meaning of the dream symbol of ropes will depend on the exact use of the ropes in the dream.

For instance, if you dream of tying a boat to a dock with ropes, this indicates striving for stability and security, though you might desire freedom. On the other hand, if you dream of tying up another person or an animal up with ropes, this is a negative dream sign of the control you are trying to have over the other people in your life.

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  1. Chiamaka Onyema on

    I had a dream that some demonic cults group, tied some one up. To one of their members, please what is this dream trying to symbolize. Give me your feed back as soon as you can. God bless

    • I had a dream in which I climbed to the top of a high pole and swung myself from one rope to another to help another person retrieve the knotted rope in the middle of these two high poles.

      Once I had attained the rope I simply jumped down and threw the rope to the person who was trying to get it .. this person had given up on the quest before I had given it to them.

      My ex was there and in this dream she wore a a wig that was made from rope to represent dreadlocks and so did I.

      She had passed out sometime after I had retrieved the rope.

  2. A rope of a flying kite , unwknowingly i saw a kite flying towards me with a broken string ,i somehow manage to cathch that string and was even able to fly that kite ,what is the meaning of this ?

  3. I had a dream that I was suspended from an airplane which was in motion, by a network of ropes which I was standing on and holding on to. There were other people with me, who also supporting themselves by the rope network. There were no knots in the ropes, and although we were quite high up, I was not afraid, which is unusual, as in waking life I am petrified of heights to the point of paralysis. The rope was green, not particularly thick, and was flexible – almost like a bungee rope. In the dream, someone fell off the ropes, and I had to jump and rescue him by throwing out a rope for him to catch. Once he caught the rope I deployed a parachute and we both landed safely.

  4. Shawnna sellers on

    I dreamt that I woke up where I was sleeping…like I hallucinate but I actually wake up…but can see everything in my room. So i just opened my eyes and this thick rope was attached to my body from the ceiling and it freaked me out…I fell back asleep and a little boy called me and I saw a blurry age of him standing there..he said my name just once and it scared me again so I woke up….I was too freaked out to go back to sleep. What does that mean?…

  5. I had a dream that I was crawling up a very thick large rope. The rope was made up of debris all wrapped up and twisted. I was crawling the large rope that spiraled up in a large spiral. Then it started to unravel, but somehow I said to myself that the center of the rope is made of actual rope material and it won’t give out so I kept on crawling up the rope. When I got to the end, I realized that there was nothing at the end of the rope. The rope was suspended in thin air. And then I started to fall and I woke up startled and distraught.

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