Roots Dream Symbol


Roots – Roots are the places from which we came. The dream symbol of roots, whether they be tree roots or plant roots, indicate the source of life for the entity in question. If you pull a plant up by the roots, this means that you have laid bare that plant’s foundation or beginning. This is significant in a dream because it is a symbol that is somewhat violating and harmful.

On the other hand, many plants can only be transplanted if their root is intact. If you dream of a plant that is transplanted and then re-planted in a different area, this is significant of the often unpleasant but necessary process that most of us have to go through in order to grow up and become the people we are destined to be.

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  1. I dreamt I was lying in the grass and happily becoming one with the ground. My roots firmly going into the ground

  2. The Plant was in a Pot, full of nice, rich, dark brownish to black soil and I was cleaning and found that parts of the same plant, I removed them, and was sad as it felt like the roots, and I realized it was all over, so I try to check the stem and probably remove the plant itself, but to my surprise, new roots had grown, the old roots were gone and over, but there new roots of the same plant, I firmed the plant again and was Happy!

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