Roller Coaster Dream Symbol


Roller Coaster – Dreaming of a roller coaster is a sign of a tumultuous time to come in your life. You will probably experience extreme ups and downs, emotionally, financially, spiritually, or even physically. This may be a thrilling experience, but it also may be quite frightening. You must be prepared for the possibility that you will not know what is coming or what to expect.

This dream symbol indicates that, for a while at least, it is going to look like you are doing well, and then it will look like everything is doomed. It will be up to you to keep a level head by remembering that the good times are hills on the roller coasters and that the bad times are only valleys, and not to let either success or failure go to your head.

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  1. My dream began with me and an Ex discussing ideas of turning an old train track, which brushed the tops of Spruce trees, into a new improved system. His idea was a bullet train and mine resembled a rollercoaster going under belly on the track. It was returning almost behesding my son.
    Woke me up!

  2. My dream, I was standing on the ground with an enormous blue rollercoaster was near me on a beach. However it had a huge gap from one side to another and the cart had to launch its self over the gap to reach the remaining track. However when the cart with the people got to the end of the track ready to take the leap. All of a sudden something went wrong and the cart at the front met the track. The rest of the carts fell to the ground and the woman in the first cart along with others, plunged to the ground. I could see there tangled bodies in quite graphic detail. I heard the screams coming from them and the thud as there helpless bodies hit the ground. I couldn’t do anything about it in the dream I stood there and watched in fear.

  3. In my dream im riding this roller coaster with family members and my husband. It seems like we are having a good time but then these snakes appear beside me, one on each side and the mood changes of everyone but im still having fun but a little skeptical because they are. I cant remember how it ended though. I think my family ended up being the bad guys though…any ideas? As i wrote a couple thoughts came to mind.

  4. Kelly Walters on

    In my dream three young children fell off what looked like a rollercoaster ride but looked more like a ride that was taking people to and from some kind of slave work. What does this mean?

  5. My dream was I was riding a rollercoaster however not from a seat. I was actually on the outside standing on the frame, using things like the chains on my bag and my belt to keep me holding onto it. Thing is I wasn’t afraid once I knew I was safe and wasn’t going to fall off I actually enjoyed it.

  6. I had a dream I was on a roller coaster and it seemed to be a very long and never ending roller coaster.. I wasn’t very excited about being on it I think that being since I don’t like carnival rides in real life. the roller coaster seemed to go high up and and really sudden drops, at one point even one of the drops went under water. no one was on the roller coaster with me but there was a voice (kind of like a narrator) telling me to prepare for the ups and downs and also for the water. this dream was very realistic and vivid. just wanted to know if anyone had any insight or opinions on it.

  7. I have roller coaster dreams often, the last one I had I was scared, but the rollercoaster finished where it was meant to and I get off unharmed. What could this mean?

    • i don’t know why but i am always having dreams about riding roller coasters and i do not like roller coasters. but in my dreams i enjoy them and they’re very long. i would like to know why i’m always dreaming about roller coasters all the time. i will also get dreams like being in a roomy area then the room get’s smaller and smaller.

  8. In my dream I got on a roller coaster with 3 family members (my cousins). We are all siper excited and the roller coaster is lretty much enjoyable but at some point along the track we pass another roller coaster and that coasters tracks turn to meet ours and leas our roller coaster off course. Me and my cousins aleeady thinking this is bizarre choose to ho with it because it doesmt seem that structurally anything is wrong. Then we see that part of the tracks are submerged in water. I become frightened and grip on to my seat as it teeters back and forth and I’m afraid I’m going to fall in. I lool up and realize the ride opperate is tinkering with the conyrols and that’s why my seat is teetering. When he sees that I notice he laughs and apologizes. The rest of the tracka come out of the water and the roller coaster resumes. What does this mean?

  9. In my dream I was riding a ride at a theme park which looked really scary from a distance but when I got on I fell sleep. Just wondering what this could mean? Thanks ­čÖé

  10. I am dreaming that I am on the roller coaster and its got a bucket seat on it and a 5 point harness. I dont see anything except the chair i am in and the wonderful view of nature. I believe this is my third time on the rollercoaster. I was terrified the first but this time it was joyful. I did feel apprehension of the seatbelts. I felt as though they may break when i was upside down. I went upside down for a good minute and the belt held. Was vrry exhillerating dream. I am not sure when these dreams started as i just remembered the rollercoaster ride today and realized that did not happen. I do have a crazy time coming up but honestly i feel like i just got off a rollercoaster.

  11. I had a dream that i was with 3 people at an amusement park. Not sure who. Felt like aquaintances. I was watching the biggest roller coaster in the world with a lot of upside down turns and a 90 degree free fall. I had ridden it alone before. Now i kept thinking with great excitement that i wanted to ride it backwards. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. I just had to ride it backwards! There was a forward and backwards side on the ruler coaster and i kept watching others go. I barely said anything to the others once. It was like they werent interested. That was the end. Not sure of its meaning.

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