Rocking Chair Dream Symbol


Rocking Chair – Dreaming about a rocking chair is a symbol of comfort and safety. Many people remember being rocked in a rocking chair by their mothers and grandmothers, or even their great-grandmothers. This symbol is therefore connected in our subconscious to a reassurance that someone is taking care of us and that everything will be all right because of the love they have for us.

If you dream of sitting in a rocking chair, or of being rocked in a rocking chair, this signifies deep safety and contentment regarding your current condition in life, most likely connected with your relationships.

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  1. I had a dream about a man , I don’t know who the man was but he knew everybody business, he had a girl in his Home , I don’t know the girl . But she was In the chair sleep her mom was looking for her , he had her on his shoulder trying to hurry up in his dads house the mom asked him what’s wrong with her , he said “ she’s sleep “ SLEEEP !?! So the girl mom runs to the boy moms house , his mom said “ Ima get up and go over there.. went and never came back …

  2. I dreamed my deceased uncle was working doing a tare down of an old rocking chair he was on his knees working and my older sister says to me I saw him working on this chair tearing away the old wood and I said no no no dont take away the ornate wood and he says it’s beautiful isnt it he was going to take away the other parts of the chair that was old and needed replacing and leave the beautiful old ornate part…

    • Perhaps you felt Comfort and Security in the past with your deceased uncle and now currently you feel the same about your sister and or a new person in your life you may want to move on but still hold on to that comfort and secured feeling.

  3. I had a dream where there was a moving, king maniquin sitting in a rocking chair except she was trapped and tied up in it. Her captor was an old lady that was sitting on the other side of the room. I walked up to talk to the maniquin and she seemed very friendly. She was eager to get out but she couldn’t let her captor hear it. What does this mean?

  4. Had a dream through napping for a short bit. In the living room i saw a rocking chair and it was moving by itself and it turned to face me. Stoped then began again. Stop then a bunch of chairs poped in my dream like what spirits do in the movie with chairs. Stacked it. Then shortly after i was paralyzed, i saw myself being choked and not be able to move. Then soon after i got up. I had a couple of cases like this before. But not one with a rocking chair that wanted to kill me. If this helps anyone you are not alone in this. I too before was scared. Ask god to protect you, is one way that can help.

  5. I had a dream I was sleeping and I heard rocking I woke realizing it wasn’t me and I was terrified Because I was alone (This dream was also in my old room in a previous house I lived in which was haunted) I am very afraid of ghosts so I told the chair to stop and a lady appeared In the chair. I’m wondering what the connection could be. After she appered I asked her if she could go downstairs for a second (to see if she was real or my imagination) she said yes and I followed her down stairs. Could you help me out? I’ve been given messages through dreams before so I’m curious.

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