Rocket Dream Symbol


Rocket – A rocket is one of many transportation dream symbols that represent your own journey toward accomplishing your goals. This dream symbol of a rocket is a powerful and beneficial symbol. In a rocket, you quite literally blast off toward the stars, freeing yourself from the pull of gravity.

This means, when applied to your waking-life goals and dreams, that you have the strength and means to do absolutely anything you want. Aim high and do not compromise, because your dream about a rocket is telling you that right now, you have the power to do and be anything you want in life.

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  1. In my dream I was driving a rusty rocket ship just like a car. I parked at some building and went inside. Any ideas on meaning?

  2. I dreamt that I was sitting inside the Rocket. It Launched, I was controlling it. I could see sky and bit of universe. I was told that this Rocket will land in Taiwan. I successfully landed it in Taiwan and then moved out of it and met 2 to 3 Senior Officials from the space agency. This is all I saw in Dreams.. what could this symbolise…

  3. Manosh Rabha on

    I have dreamed today about Rocket that the Rocket is going toward the start but it seem like falling but had not fall down. I want to know about …sir

    • Alex Gandarilla on

      Omg same but for me it crashed with this big explanation and I dodged all the derby falling towards me

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