Rock Climbing Dream Symbol


Rock Climbing – If you dream about rock climbing, this is a powerful and positive dream about the ability you have to follow your dreams and accomplish your goals. In your rock climbing dream, you are overcoming the biggest obstacles that you could possibly face on your journey. You are literally climbing vertical rock faces and sheer cliffs to get where you want to go.

You are in danger of falling, which means that in your waking life you will want to assess your risk-reward ratio and determine whether the rewards are worth the risks you are taking. If your dream of rock climbing ends successfully, with you safely reaching the top, this is a good omen for the outcome of any current endeavors.

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  1. Climbing a rock face and foot slipping causing to kick out.
    A friend visiting had a strong clear dream that he was climbing a sheer rock face and his foot slipped causing him to kick out strongly. He accidentally kicked his partner waking her, causing the dream to end. Do you have any ideas on this? T
    There is no problem with his relationship with his partner, so the meaning doesn’t seem to lie there. Earlier in the evening he was talking about some long past childhood events, if that’s a clue.

  2. I had an odd dream last night. I dreamt that I was at a waterpark/ amusement park and I was rock wall climbing with my dad and someone else (cannot remember). They left momentarily, and during that time an older man came and stood by me and was helping me overcome the obstacles and explaining to me where to go so i wouldn’t fall. Once I almost reached the top, he grabbed me in a very sexual manner and tried pulling me off of the wall and whispered “be careful” I then screamed rape , and my dad came running to my rescue and hurt this man who was trying to hurt me.

    • This is scary accurate to the dream I had last night!!! My dad was there as well as a random guy. I was also at an amusement park/ water park rock climbing. Only thing different was that I was attracted to the guy and he wasn’t doing anything sexual. But that’s so weird reading this because the guy was telling me how to get up there too… ­čÖé

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