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Robot Dream Symbol – A dream about a robot is a symbol of the powers of technology. This dream may be hopeful or fearful, depending on your personal feelings about technology. Some feel that technology is a powerful force for good in the world, allowing for easier communication, more comfortable living, and even greater amounts of food to feed our rapidly growing population.

Others feel that technology is a threat to a healthy and balanced way of life, replacing in-person relationships with cyber relationships and making us stay up to all hours of the night rather than getting a healthy night’s sleep. The meaning of your dream about a robot will reflect your beliefs about technology.

A robot in your dreams can mean you have been living your life in an automated way. Do you do everything automatically without thinking? Do you have so many responsibilities there is never a spare moment to look after yourself? Have you lost the ability to express yourself openly? It can be a sign you are being controlled by others to meet their agendas. This could refer to your working life where everything may be repetitive, boring, and the same day in and day out. You may dream of changing this but feel trapped in your routine. Do you fear to break away from the control from the routine in your waking life? Do you fear the unknown?

Dreaming of a robot with artificial intelligence can refer to a friendship that may feel forced or fake in some way. Being friends or in love in this type of dream can mean you feel lonely in your waking life. This may be a reminder to expand your social life. Be more open to meeting new people.

If you dream of robots taking over the world, this can mean you feel uncomfortable with new technology. Or, your security may be threatened with the widespread automation taking over many jobs. This can be a reflection of concerns for your future in your waking life.

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  1. Kandice Prom on

    Hello Stephan! Last night I dreamt of a giant robot who was ripping the roof off the building I was in with a bunch of other people, he was killing people with his eyes. I was scared, I couldn’t t hide. I woke up and felt extremely scared. A feeling I do not like. I am not scared of technology, I actually enjoy it. I am curious as to what this could be meaning, I don’t remember most of my dreams but this one was so vivid and loud.

    • I had a dream or maybe closer to a night mair where I was In a room with elon musk and was talking about AI and were testing a new one, to cut a long story short it went haywire and threw me on its shoulder to ‘execute me’ the weirdest part Is that i could feel a tightness in my legs, during and once I woke up. Abit strange and felt to real, dont dream offensive so was abit of a surprise.

      Just wondering if anyone else had something similar


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