Robin Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Robin Dream Symbol –┬áRobin sings songs of new beginnings. When she visits your dreams expect fast growth and a regeneration of some areas of your life. She shows you how to move through life with love and laughter. How to face the world with a song in your heart. There is no point being negative when it is just as easy to choose to face the world with a positive attitude.

Robin dreamThis may be a time where you end an old relationship that is no longer a positive part of your life. Robin lets you know it is time to end it so you can let new love in. Trying to rekindle lost love will usually only lead to more heartache. There is passion waiting for you.

You do not have to settle for what does not make your heart sing. Use perseverance and tenacity to move forward. Let go of any personal dramas. Avoid letting others draw you into dramas of their making. Show compassion and patience, and have faith and trust the universe will deliver just what you need at the right time. Be inspired by the beauty around you to create and manifest what your heart desires.

When Robin crosses your Path

Robin crosses your path to remind you have the ability to instantly regenerate at a whim. Just make a wish, be patient, and see how the universe manifests this for you.

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  1. Gabrielle O'Regan on

    I dreamt last night that I put baby birds in my bag, a robin and a blackbird and forgot about them. I then found them and they were frail so I fed them and gave them water. They were drinking and eating and recovering and looking deep into my eyes. Was such a vivid dream. What could it mean?

  2. I had a dream where I was in a forest and it felt really magical. I was standing on a pathway and there were lots of flowers that started turning into baby Robin’s and they were flying around me. I wish the dream had lasted longer! The funny thing is I woke up with the Lion King song in my head “I just cant wait to be king”.

  3. I dreamed of looking at the window there is a tree full of robins so i rush to get some seeds for them and three of them just came in y window and took the food from my hand ,,, feelin so happy with thst dream

  4. Last night I dreamed that a robin came to me and put her wing on my shoulder. It was like she was hugging me. I was so happy and wanted to take our picture. I’m not sure if I took the picture or if someone else did. The robin also let me watch how she was building her nest. Such a sweet dream and it was so real. I do love birds.

  5. I had a dream last night that I was outside my house on the wall by the front gate and a robin came and sat on the back of my hand and stayed for ages. Like Julie Baker (above) I also lost my husband last year.

  6. julie baker on

    i have a rabbit hutch outside and everytime i clean it a robin appears and doesnt leave till i have finished just lately a robin has been in my dreams at the side of me first but then hops on to my arm then i awake i must explain too i lost my husband a yr ago

  7. In my dream I opened my eyes to look out onto a patch of grass and there was a robin sat right in the middle just staring at me I can’t remember what happened before or after all I can remember is the robin x

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