Robbery Dream Symbol


Robbery – Dreaming about a robbery is a symbol of a threat to your home or personal security. This dream symbol is a warning that something you consider to be completely safe and secure may not actually be so. Having one’s home robbed is a profoundly violating and terrible experience, and your dream symbol of a robbery is reflective of this.

This dream symbol may also indicate that you for some reason feel unsafe in an area of your life.This does not necessarily have to do with housing or personal possessions; it may also indicate instability in your work, or even a lack of love in a relationship that should be secure.

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  1. I was at a function with a friend (Isaac) and another person. This person later came to my house (not my real house) and we were chatting inside and suddenly a bang outside the house and somebody was tapping on the door. The person who was with me dashed out the door. I switched on the outside lights but it didn’t light. Then when I looked outside from the door the person who was with me got into a car. Another person in a car behind them were trying to throw a light globe towards me if I approach him. They have removed all the outside light globes. I was scared and didn’t go after them even though I wanted to.

  2. I had a dream that someone kept coming to my house and robbing me and my family it was like so easy for them and I would go after them and it was just too late I would lose them.

  3. My mother keeps on dreaming that she is in my house and someone has broken in and is robbing us. What can this mean? She doesn’t live with us.

  4. I had a dream that my house was robbed at least three times but last night it was longer and somehow zombies showed up and almost killed me? Idk what this means at all

  5. My apt was robbed and im very close to positive that i know at least one suspect. I had a dream last night that it was confirmed that it was in fact him. Any thoughts?

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