Robbery Dream Symbol


Robbery – Dreaming about a robbery is a symbol of a threat to your home or personal security. This dream symbol is a warning that something you consider to be completely safe and secure may not actually be so. Having one’s home robbed is a profoundly violating and terrible experience, and your dream symbol of a robbery is reflective of this.

This dream symbol may also indicate that you for some reason feel unsafe in an area of your life.This does not necessarily have to do with housing or personal possessions; it may also indicate instability in your work, or even a lack of love in a relationship that should be secure.

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  1. Djam carrot on

    My friend had a dream last night , that him and me were helping some people getting stuf out of theire burning house and than silently robbing them of their money jelwery ecc. We would like to know the meaning of this dream

  2. I dreamt my house was robbed while I was asleep. This house was palatial and was filled with all the good things of life. 1st thing I noticed was that all my husband’s clothes were gone, then I ran downstairs and everything else was gone; TV, our huge MAC desktop, fans, everything. I was so sad and started calling the police on the phone, but they didn’t arrive until I woke up. I felt very violated because the robbers had come into my bedroom while I was there sleeping. I just can’t shake this dream off. I am very worried because I have had it before. Please help!

  3. Pls i had a dream about my sis and in the dream we had close from work and were on our way homesuddenly a guy comes and try to rob my sister i draw her attention and we try to calk for help but no one was willing to help all i saw was the guy jumps and hits my sisters head and takes her bag what does it mean because i was scared wen i woke up

  4. I had a dream I was out having a good time with my boy bestfriend and then we went into a House I’ve never been in before. I guess he was staying there but it’s not his house in real life but anyways I was talking I guess too loud and I guy that lived there I guess it was his house he told me “be quiet or leave” so knowing me I cursed him out and left to get in my car next thing I know I’m arguing with 3 or 4 of his daughters then I end up fighting them all I beat them!!! Didn’t think I would win but I did so next thing I know I’m in my house and the guy I cursed out is there (it felt so real) I leave my door unlocked that day stupid yeah I know. So after I kicked him out all of a sudden I look around my house everything is pretty much a scattered mess and only the important things are missing including money I had in my purse but you also know what’s crazy my house didn’t look the same on the inside or out but certain things in my dream were real that I actually have in my house so once again it felt real. Anywho so I’m frantic trying to call the cops and my husband my phone wouldn’t let me it was acting weird so I run outside look to my left and there everything was on the side of the house. So I moved everything back in but I woke up in the middle because my alarm went off. Man what a dream

  5. Elicha from Georgia on

    I dreamed that one of my boyfriend friends robbed me at my boyfriend’s house and I had to hide my money under my tongue.

  6. Arel Ramirez on

    I had a dream I went to a Taco Bell and as I pulled up to the speaker to take my order, the guy asked me what i wanted and I asked for a moment as I needed to think. As I said that a black man who I vaguely recognized as one of my classmates from college who Ive never even talked to, came up to my car window, asked for my money as he pulled out a $20 of his own, then said, “Actually I dont want it anymore” and walked away. (As he did this he sounded very nervous as when he asked for my money, I think he was acting as if he was gonna order food, then pay the lady with both our money at the next window as if we were together..?) but anyway he walked away, then I looked down to my wallet to see if I even remembered to bring money, (mind you Im still at the speaker), and as I did this, the man came back. This time aggresively, telling me to give him my money fully revealing that it was a robbery. I didnt say anything and a few sexonds went by, then he reached his hands thru the front windshield somehow, trying to take my money from my pockets and wallet. I squirmed and resisted and he managed to take $10. I then screamed for help and as I did a hobo to the left of us, with a gun starts shooting at the robber?? He then crumples and sticks the $10 bill in his eye?? I panic and reverse out of the Taco Bell drive thru, and get away with no injuries other than some scratches and shattered window on my car. I go home to tell my family about it. Then i wake up. I apologze for the lemgth of this, I just thought Id squeeze in as many details as i could. I know it sounds so random but what is the meaning of this???

  7. Had a dream where i think i was playing hide and seek with my dad, and sister. Dad was looking for us and, long story short he ended up robbing some lady.
    I asume i had this dream because i infact to not feel very safe in my home currently. I have no idea why but whenever i do something i always look around me to make sure no one’s there.

  8. I was at a function with a friend (Isaac) and another person. This person later came to my house (not my real house) and we were chatting inside and suddenly a bang outside the house and somebody was tapping on the door. The person who was with me dashed out the door. I switched on the outside lights but it didn’t light. Then when I looked outside from the door the person who was with me got into a car. Another person in a car behind them were trying to throw a light globe towards me if I approach him. They have removed all the outside light globes. I was scared and didn’t go after them even though I wanted to.

  9. I had a dream that someone kept coming to my house and robbing me and my family it was like so easy for them and I would go after them and it was just too late I would lose them.

  10. My mother keeps on dreaming that she is in my house and someone has broken in and is robbing us. What can this mean? She doesn’t live with us.

  11. I had a dream that my house was robbed at least three times but last night it was longer and somehow zombies showed up and almost killed me? Idk what this means at all

  12. My apt was robbed and im very close to positive that i know at least one suspect. I had a dream last night that it was confirmed that it was in fact him. Any thoughts?

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