Roadkill Dream Symbol


Roadkill – Roadkill is a negative omen, as well as being a personal criticism. If you see roadkill in your dream, this indicates a casualty on your journey to accomplish your goals and achieve your aspirations. You need to be careful of the other people around you, as your choices and actions affect them, and they can be harmed by the things you do in your own life.

If you dream that you hit an animal, this is an even more explicit dream sign: your ambition is hurting others, or is poised to hurt others. You need to look around and be mindful, rather than being singularly focused on what you want. If your goals trample someone else’s well-being, then you need to re-evaluate your goals.

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  1. I had a dream i was a passenger in a car at night and saw a bear lumbering across the road. We didnt hit it but when i looked the car behind us hit the bear. I remember having a feeling of desperation but we kept going. Further down the road we saw a lot of blood and flesh along the road and a fox eating it. It was very eerie.

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