Roadblock Dream Symbol


Roadblock – A roadblock represents a barrier or obstacle in the way of reaching your dreams and goals. As a dream symbol, this indicates that you are about to come up against a challenge, or that you are already being challenged to meet your goals. As such, the way in which you deal with the roadblock is important in your dream. Do you turn around and go back the direction you came?

This indicates a tendency to give up and is harmful for your ambitions. Do you go around the roadblock or move the roadblock to the side and continue on your journey? This indicates that you will not let anything get in the way of your ambitions, even if someone else is telling you that you have danger ahead.

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  1. Dreamt of driving towards a direction and atruck carrying forty feet container blocked me and ad am waiting another long luxury bus also joined the truck

  2. I had a dream where I saw a road that I tried to pass through blocked with a lot of buses and I was looking for a way to pass through but at the end I was able to pass through the road in the dream please what does it mean, thanks and God bless you.

  3. I dreamed I was riding my bicycle in the country (maybe foreign) and kept hitting roadblocks of all sorts. Dams, concrete walls, impassable must roads. The first barrier was being unable to reach my bike on a high hook. I had to find creative ways to get around them. At every “barrier” there were very helpful people (men and women) who genuinely offered help. The man helping get my bike from the hook kissed me and let me know he was in love. Although it was sweet, I left knowing he’d be there when I was ready to come back. The dream ended when I discovered i could use GPS to find my route home albeit knowing there might be more roadblocks. But I was confident in my own creatively and physically strength to do what it took to get past them. I had deep satisfaction as I successfully puzzled my way through each barrier, one by one (even though I was freaking out inside). The man who loved me didn’t come back into the dream. Guess I’ll have to figure that out in my waking hours!

  4. Just dreamt that there was loads of people trying to block the road . Plus there was rocks on the road . Kept going in the right direction despite sometimes facing oncoming traffic. Was stressfull but hit nothing

  5. Daisdreamer on

    I have a reoccurring dream where I’m running up spiraling stairs running away from someone or something. The stairs look like it’s from my elementary school days. When I reach to the top, there’s yellow tape barring me from advancing but I keep going. When I’m just about to make the final turn, I start feeling nervous afraid of people seeing me. Surely enough, older people in business attire are coming behind me so I nonchalantly turn back and walk down the stairs like nothing ever happened.

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