Road Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Road Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of a road indicates the current direction your life is taking. This type of dream is directly linked to what is happening right now in your waking life. Depending on the type of road and its direction, it represents your daily issues.

Breaking down on a road indicates people come to you for advice. Walking down a road signifies you are heading in the right direction. Going on a road trip represents your desire to escape from the challenges and responsibilities of everyday life. Reaching a dead end can mean you will need to finish a project sooner than expected or you will soon have to make a choice.

road-dreamDreaming of a dark, narrow alley represents your life has come to a standstill. It is stagnating. It represents how you may feel about your life. Making a detour indicates to stay flexible for there are surprises coming soon. Remain open minded to new opportunities that cross your path. You are following your intuition when traveling down a dirt road. This can also mean old habits return. Someone lost to you previously returns to your life.

A bend in the road indicates there are unexpected changes coming. This is a warning to be prepared. Crossroads also signify changes. This can mean any decisions you need to make will require you giving something up. The choice is hard as this is not what you want to do. Remember, this may be for the best though you cannot see it now. Dreaming of a fork in the road is another sign of making life changing decisions. These decisions may be difficult because, either way, it may mean the end of something you love.

Dreaming of a black road means there are tough times ahead, particularly in regards to money. These issues are like to arise suddenly. Slipping on black ice in a dream indicates you need to remain organized or you will fall behind in your commitments.

You can overcome anything life throws you when you dream of going up a one-way street the wrong way. Roadworks indicate your own life is being overhauled. It is a time to go easy on yourself. You may be going through much change and need to make allowances for any mistakes that happen around you or that you make. Witnessing an accident on the road is a sign you lack direction in your life. Is your life a wreck? Is it heading in that direction?

Running out into the road can mean you are trying to succeed against the odds. Now is the right time to create whatever you dream about. A mountain road is a sign you like to do things differently to others. You may even love a lifestyle far removed from a city lifestyle where you are self-sufficient. You may want to avoid mainstream society. It may be time to reconnect with mother nature and her gifts of life.

Alternative Meanings of Road

A road in your dream is a symbol of achieving your goals. The quality and condition of the road that you dream about indicates how achievable your goals are, or how you feel about being able to achieve your goals.

If the road is wide and smooth, easy to drive on with a car or ride on with a bicycle, this is a beneficial sign about your ability to achieve these goals. If, on the other hand, the road is bumpy or in bad repair, or if it is only a rocky path, then this means that you have a hard time ahead trying to achieve the dream that you want to achieve.

This does not necessarily mean that you should give up on your dream; in fact, the innovators of the world are almost always the ones who take the rocky or bumpy road instead of the smooth one. But you will need to be prepared for hardship and ready to continue no matter what, or you will fail and be in a worse place than the place in which you started.

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  1. I dreamed about me, my mom,and my sisters walking down a straight road,with no cars coming towards us,with a bunch of green grass,green leaves,and green trees.It was also a cloudy day,but with the sun somehow shining.We somehow reached another road,which led to an abandoned old building,but somehow another family was living in it,and they seemed in pretty good shape.When we left,we left the place,my mother clearly still upset,we went in search for a bathroom this time,we were just walking on grass,until we got into a driveway and saw a Inn,but didn’t even use the bathroom.

    What does this mean?

  2. last night i dreamed waiting for a taxi having two plastic bags but not sure what was inside maybe grocery i lost both plastic bags try to find them while still waiting for a taxi it didnt arrive and i saw myself with a lady i dont know waiting for a bus coz the taxi didnt arrive,all of a sudden i find myself in my village ,walking and trying to cross the road of which wasnt easy to cross because the road looked more like crooked if i may use that word the road was muddy with holes and the cars were also coming as i wanted to cross looked like there was no padestrian road or crossing there, it was a weird road but i ended up being able to cross

  3. it’s not exactly related to roads but when i was in middle school, i used to have this recurring dream in which i used to fall down on the road and saw the school bus coming at me and barely managed to dodge, just to have more of them coming at me over and over again and i just couldn’t get up. it was an exhausting dream. i never got hit though.
    i wonder if you could offer an insight.

  4. Shahil Satendra on


    I had a dream that I was travelling in a car. My brother in law was driving it. The road seemed to be in a bad state as if it was still under repair. As we go further, we see that the road is blocked by water. The water is rising and it comes up to the tyre of the car. My brother in law makes a u-turn and tries to go from there but the car starts skidding. The water keeps rising but finally we manage to get away from there.

    Can you please advise what this dream could mean?


  5. My road is smooth, has a large bend and is on stilts like a sky train track. Despite having a near semi-circle curve to it there are no Guard rails and in my dream I’m driving too fast to make the turn and fall off.

    I have had this symbol show up in my dreams three times now. The rest of the dreams are about being late for work. My job is a 15 minute walk away. I’m never late.

  6. Jennifer Mansay on

    I keep on dreaming the same road.
    there is a road that ia commonly take, and i use to walk there, and the other road is a quiet, less walked one. I took the less walked one. I always dram of this. I’m in a hirry, somewhat, escaping, or trying to catch a ride.

    this time, i help a little girl get to her place because it is along my way.

    i wonder what it means?

  7. I sow a mass grave, but in it was just a corpse and so many garments in it. All the Garments were clean and ironin. A lot of people were in that mass funeral. And the grave were in the middle of a green field. And i was standing there. I didn’t know anyone. After the funeral in the same place, up of the grave, came o big street. And the weather was nice but without sun.
    If anyone can give any interpretation i would appreciate it.

  8. In my dream , I was standing by a cross walk and there were a whole bunch of cars driving along the street really fast. And then I looked up and the light was green, and everyone was walking but the cars were still driving. I wasn’t moving forward just watching

  9. In my dream , I was standing by a cross walk and there were a whole bunch of cars driving along the street really fast. And then I looked up and the light was green, and everyone was walking bit the cats were still driving. I wasn’t moving forward just watching

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