Rival Dream Symbol


Rival – Dreaming about a rival is a symbol of insecurity and fear in your own qualities and abilities. You may feel that someone else is better than you at a skill, or that others like the other person more. It is easy to feel animosity toward a rival in a dream, as in real life, but it is important to remember that it is not always or even often the rival’s fault that he or she is your rival.

It may be that you simply feel insecure but are actually no less worthy than the rival for rewards, riches, or attention. It may also be that people in your life (such as parents) prefer your rival and ignore you unfairly. This may result in feelings of hostility toward a rival, even in violent dreams against the rival, when the fault is actually in the people who have set you at odds and not in the rival at all.

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  1. last night i had an odd dream;
    My friend called me and asked me to talk with his girl. I talked to her very kindly about some problem that I can not remember and helped her to solve the problem. I remember I talked to her 3 times by the phone and the last time when I hanged up the phone , I was feeling upset that he is back with her.
    what this could mean ?
    I have no lover at the moment to be worried about this sort of stuff

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