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Ritual – Rituals are extremely powerful in human existence and consciousness. We connect ritual to religion and worship. Our rituals help us to center and focus on spiritual realities. Almost every religion in the world has intricate rituals that help its followers. If you dream about a particular religious ritual, it may indicate that that religion has something in it that you need to bring into your life.

There may be a lesson that it teaches or a value that you have been ignoring. On the other hand, it may also simply mean that you need to make room for the spiritual realm in your life in general with ritual, regardless of which religion you choose.

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  1. I had a dream my boyfriends family took us on a trip to a different country. We were at a restaurant I think and his family was sitting up on the stage area and there were so many other people sitting at tables. They made my boyfriend get completely naked And everyone in the room started chanting something. He was sitting up on the table his family was at and he started getting sick. He was throwing up but his stomach was growing so huge. He looked like he was pregnant with twins and he was still throwing up. I was so scared and I think they were going to sacrifice a plane full of people by purposefully making it crash. Telling the innocent people that it would be okay and they have no reason to worry. I tried to take my boyfriend away but it was too late and he threw up on me. I remember running away to a sink and washing my hands and face. I heard a woman scream loudly and then I woke up.

  2. I had a dream where I was on a upside down cross and my friends were in the Sam state and our eyes were different one of us had red eyes one had white one had purple and one had black at the same team my friend in my dream had the same dream and there was a black and red person I the middle.

  3. I dreamt that I was in an orphanage in Africa and people were coming to adopt and take people away. One day someone came to see me but I never left with them. I went to see the manager and ask why I never left with them he replied to me that the person is looking for people with royal liniage I said to the manager that I am a royal son and he said he wanted to perform a test on me so he gave me 4 leaves and then he held my hands and started chanting all of a sudden this very weird electrocution like sensation came all over me not painful but more uncomfortable. Once he had finished he told me to go. I later went back to him to say that although I was not actually born into a royal family from royal parents I did live with a king who took me as his son he said to me that he already knew because when he was testing me earlier the 4 leaves he gave me to hold had dropped to the floor he then said that at the beginning of the test he told me to hold onto the leaves and if I was of royal lineage I would not have dropped the leaves. So after which he said that he told some people what happened and one person said that as I am I am weak however if he can make strong enough that I would be invincible so then it was as if another ritual took place but this time my face was pierced with a long wooden stick from one side to another then a weight placed around my neck I was then told to start working out immediately and vigorously I was also naked I was told to eat what looked like weed so I had a little bit then it was about this time that I woke up. please help me to understand this dream if you can. Thank you

  4. Man i had a dream a huge group of people(that i ddnt know in real life but knew in my dream) were performing a secial retual to bring me back into the group….

  5. Lucius Charles on

    Me and my friends went to meet a native doctor, they did rituals for wealth,but I did not take part.. What does ir mean please palz??

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