Ritual Dream Symbol


Ritual – Rituals are extremely powerful in human existence and consciousness. We connect ritual to religion and worship. Our rituals help us to center and focus on spiritual realities. Almost every religion in the world has intricate rituals that help its followers. If you dream about a particular religious ritual, it may indicate that that religion has something in it that you need to bring into your life.

There may be a lesson that it teaches or a value that you have been ignoring. On the other hand, it may also simply mean that you need to make room for the spiritual realm in your life in general with ritual, regardless of which religion you choose.

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  1. Man i had a dream a huge group of people(that i ddnt know in real life but knew in my dream) were performing a secial retual to bring me back into the group….

  2. Lucius Charles on

    Me and my friends went to meet a native doctor, they did rituals for wealth,but I did not take part.. What does ir mean please palz??

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