Riot Dream Symbol


Riot – Dreaming about a riot is a symbol of fear and anger against an authority figure, and solidarity among the people under the authority figure. If you dream of being the authority figure who is rioted against, you may be feeling anxiety about whether people you are supposed to be leading or working with are actually turning against you. You may feel a sense of betrayal.

You should also consider whether you have been a bad leader or too demanding. On the other hand, if you dream of being part of a riot, this indicates that you are feeling mutinous against authority or the status quo, whether this is a boss, a parent, a spouse, or even the government.

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  1. I dreamed I was in a riot. My baby an I. But we were running away just in the nick of time. It was like every time I leave one area, the ppl was hoping outta vans killing ppl. My very old friend daddy found me in an apt. Came up and pointed towards me like lets go. As I went to his car it was a man sitting in the passenger seat. He hopes out and my friwnd daddy tells me to get in. Then I woke up

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