Rice Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Rice Dream Symbol – Rice in a dream is a sign of good luck, fertility, prosperity, and new starts. Rice brings happiness to your life. It is a reminder you are well taken care of on all levels of your life. Eating rice is a sign you have the nourishment you need to sustain what you need. It may also be that although you do not have all you want; you do have the basics to support your needs.

rice-dreamsDreaming of rice can indicate you need to take action to take control of your life. You may make life changing choices that means there are completely new beginnings. Rice is often thrown at weddings. This is symbolic of future happiness and fulfillment. This can also can also mean you will make some good new friends. This represents happiness and appreciation for the people and all that you have in your life.

Seeing rice thrown at you at a wedding represents your joy and emotional satisfaction. Just remember, that bliss can be a fleeting emotion. It may be a time where you have to decide whether you are ready to move forward with a relationship. Rice may also symbolize celebrating major milestones in your relationship such as an engagement or whether you are ready to make an exclusive commitment.

Seeing birds pecking at rice is a sign that you are working hard to overcome the challenges in your life. This is a reminder to take control before you end up in all types of strife. Stand up for your beliefs. Ask for what you want and you will probably get it.

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  1. Hi I just dream about my ex giving me a cooked rice in a pot ..we are in the restaurant but not together then he asked me to set in their table.

  2. I’m recently dreaming of a lot of rice being thrown around like confetti. Anyone any ideas? I’m already married but am trying to make a fresh start to get better physically and emotionally.

  3. Fatema Murray on

    I have dreamt that i bought a big bag of rice and when i open the bag i saw 6 bags of rice with it 4 has brown rice and 2 has white rice what does this mean

  4. alper dulger on

    Hı , i had dream about cooking rice , but I burnt bottom of it .what does mean burnt cooked rice

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