Ribbon Dream Symbol


Ribbon – A ribbon is a dream symbol of connection and tying things together. The things you tie up or tie together with a ribbon signify the things that you feel a need to join together, symbolically. Therefore you will also need to research or consider the symbols of the items that you join together with a ribbon.

A ribbon can also be a symbol of adornment, especially if you dream of putting a ribbon in your hair, tying it around your neck, or using it to adorn your clothes. Dreaming of tying a gift or a package up with a ribbon indicates taking extra care on something that you are doing for another person.

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  1. Pat millar on

    I dreamt my mother and my two sisters (who have all passed over) were at the side of my bed. My eldest sister tied a yellow ribbon in a bow around my ankle.

  2. My boyfriend dreamed i was floating on air with a long red ribbon behind me across a bridge ans I had a serious look on my face. What does this all mean?

  3. My dream was of my father tying a thin white ribbon around my neck like a bow tie. (facts: I am female and my father is still alive and I have a good relationship with him).

  4. My dream was about my ex’s son that we where getting ready to play baseball (I don’t like baseball). While we where getting ready to play we formed a line. Me and my ex’s son we were receiving a golden ribbon around our right wrist including the team. The ribbon look liked sand clothe and was tied on loosely. What does it mean?

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