Rhinoceros Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Rhinoceros Dream Symbol – Being one of the largest mammals, the presence of rhinoceros brings down to earth energy. While it displays aggressive behavior when threatened, it is a passive creature preferring its own company. Rhinoceros visits your dreams to remind or awaken you to the illusions around you.

Not everything is as it seems. You may be complaining that nothing goes right. Nothing is fair? The universe does not look after you. Instead of focusing on what you do not have, appreciate the miracles happening every second around you. A butterfly landing on a flower. A child’s squeal of delight at meeting a new puppy. The welcome home of your beloved pet. The hug of you partner after a long day at work. These are infinite unconditional miracles. See with a new perception. Show gratitude for all there is and all you have.

Rhinoceros dreamWhen this amazing prehistoric creature visits it can be to let you know to move forward with your goals with confidence. Be steadfast in pursuit of your goals. Face any challenges head on and do not take no for an answer. Feeling nervous and edgy will defeat your purpose. Rhino can also mean you are walking all over others to get what you want if he is charging or behaving aggressively in your dream. This is not going to help you, and other may see it as bullying behavior. Take a step back and reevaluate.

Rhino’s horn is coveted for its symbolism of spiritual energy. Many have tried to take the horn for themselves to take ownership of this energy. They do not understand that the horn is worthless without the animal, for the energy comes from the beast.

You can never physically touch or own it. Strength comes from its symbology. The rhino has powerful strength and offers eternal protection. Protection that helps you see through the veils of illusions you and others spin. You can see the truth, by seeing with your heart. Rhino reminds to keep yourself grounded. Plant your feet firmly in the ground. Do not get caught up in the emotions of the dramas around you.

When Rhinoceros crosses your Path

Rhinoceros crosses your path to remind you need to take time out to enjoy your success and balance your life. You enjoy your own company and others seek you out for your wisdom about love, life, and everything.

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. I feel like this dream means you have rhino like tendencies, you are strong and peaceful and have a big presence. You are thick skinned and no one messes with a rhino but that doesn’t mean you are violent or destructive, as the rhino actually symbolises peace, calm and steady groundedness. But people have made you afraid of this nature, they have made you feel like to embody it would be like a bull in a china shop, a rhino in a greenhouse. But its likely this person or persons are in nature something small and devious, maybe even a narcissist and don’t like you to fully embody your rhino strength as then they can’t bully you. Try to imagine yourself fully as the large, thick skinned, peaceful rhino, feel grounded, and realise you are no danger to yourself or your surroundings. Maybe then imagine calmly and peacefully walking through the greenhouse and into open space. You are not large and destructive. You are a peaceful creature who can’t be bullied or messed with.

  2. Dreamt of a young adult rhino. I was trying to protect it. It had very youthful eyes….someone broke off its horn and i was so upset because i failed to protect it. I threw myself into deep, deep pit and the split second i was going to hit the bottom. I awoke.
    I was a bit unnerved for the fact i usually dont remember my dreams and have not had a dream where i was “falling” in a long time

  3. Good morning.
    I had the strangest dream. I was on an island with so many people. It was a huge house with wandering hallways. Like a rabbit warren.
    There was a baby white rhino. It came to me constantly and I had to feed it a bottle of milk. It was very affectionate, and like a puppy would muzzle me and want me to run it’s belly. People were warning me that it would grow to be huge and vicious and would gut me if it had the chance. I know in my heart that it would never do that as I lovingly rubbed its belly and where it’s huge horn would soon grow.
    I gave it bottles of milk and I tried giving it a vitamin drop bottle which it refused. It concerned me as I wanted to make sure it was getting all the nutrition needed.
    Any ideas what that dream was about?
    Thank you!

  4. In my dream I walked out of my home to a herd of Rhino’s surrounding me. Mostly calves. The little ones crowded around me like I was their parent. They rubbed against me and nudged me gently and followed me. The adults were fine with it, and tagged along. I came to a feeding area and proceeded to feed them. It was a beautiful dream in general because I felt their love and strength. Then as I was trying to exit the feeding area and one little Rhino nudged me hard, and I started to fall. A few others hurried to break my fall. When I fell on the little ones they shattered into pieces like they were made of porcelain. I woke up confounded and also sad and broken hearted. I am still searching my heart, mind and soul and praying for the meaning.

    • i’m no expert by any means, but I did receive communication from God regarding your dream as I instantly began to hurt for you. That dream would have me in pieces for some time so I cried for your experience and likely the confusion or insecurity that may have risen from it. Our connection is very strong and fluid through which we are consistently communicating; a blessing so profound I dare not keep the benefits for myself and will share with you the information He sent over. As I searched for the answer to your dismay, which seemed to be impossible to find given your dreams precision and peculiarity. Then God tossed us a bone all at once (which usually how you get info from Him no matter how much it is it’s all at once),

      I’m only human so please be sure to analyze and allow your emotional instinct marinate and conclude on this. That is God’s knowledge which relates so closely to you so you’ll want a qualification with Him directly, of course. So, the Rhino is a powerful, independent and strong entity; as are we human beings when we’re not injured as children which results in us building false walls and defensive structures. We all do it because ALL of our parents in some form or fashion caused or allowed us to be let down. Because children are fragile, we take this to be our fault because we aren’t worth “not letting down” and build narcissistic ego (necessary for survival as kids, but detrimental qualities into adulthood) in order to exist and compete amongst peers (if we felt like we weren’t worth protecting then we would compete for food and the like so we’d parish). The baby rhino’s are your inner-child (younger self when you built the barriers that you are breaking down emotionally right now in your life for whatever reason) that are not quite ready to come out and merge with the emotional adult you because of fear of incapability. The shattering of the Rhino’s indicates the way your inner-child regards themselves as being in an event that you fail (fall on them) that they will surely be destroyed. You need to pray and meditate on this to remind your younger inner self that you are strong and you will never let such injury befall that beautiful child again. It is safe to merge. We all have fractions that either split or partially split and needs mending, it seems like you are close to mending split (this is what I call it) which is very advantageous and healthy.

      I will pray for your emotional strength and discernment as well as your successful mending of one of your (likely significant) split’s or fractures. Please note, that I am not a psychologist or anything like that nor am I a spiritual leader of any organization. I simply have been blessed with acute discernement and an abilitiy to keep my communication channel (which we all have) clear enough so as to hear the knowledge being poured onto us each day all day more than the average person does. All i have to do is go the channel and pick up information I’m seeking and usually I can get it (if it’s for righteous intentions, but even that I think is my own blockage). I say all that so you are fully aware of from where this stems. I truly hope it has brought some peace to you and God bless you many times.

      With Love and Devotion

    • Daniel Medlen on


      I’m not dream expert, psychologist, or spiritual leader of any kind, however, I have a consistent communication with the Creator and as I’ve been blessed with acute discernment and a better than average clearing of our channel for that communication, I dare not hoard the benefits from it. While crying from your dream sequence or more accurately, your desire to understand it and only left with confusion, I attempted to consider if I could interpret. Realizing I had no clue, I sought the Almighty’s wisdom and was blasted all at once (which is how His knowledge feels when received) with the following:

      Your dream of baby Rhinos represent the strong, independent, confident and capable you, but as a child. When we are children we are met with disappointment which we interpret as our insufficient value (because if we were sufficient our parents would have saved us from whatever that disappointment was) and when significant, this leads to our narcissistic creation of ego and usually inaccurately due to our inexperience and naivete) which is very important for survival as a child (so that you can compete with feigned confidence for food and such), but devistates us as adults. The baby rhino’s indicate that your inner-child, who remains the age he/she was when the barrier was created, is scared to be released (you must be either naturally or intentionally effective in removing the blockage) due to fear of incapability to survive the merging with the adult ego. This is a very crucial accomplishment for your physiological health. Your inner, younger self believes that a fall will shatter or destroy him/her. You need to (through prayer and meditation if necessary) remind her that you are here with God and now that you are big no one will ever hurt him/her again. You are sorry she was injured and she is very loved. This will allow for the completion of this wonderful transformation toward Truth and Love.

      God bless and good luck to you. WIth all my Love and Devotion to All Mankind.

      • I had a dream last night of some hippos in a deep trench of water that was circular and they were swimming round and round in a circle. Today I dreamt of rhinos standing together looking at me. They were in their natural habitat. I feel like the hippo and rhino dreams are connected. Do you know what they mean?

  5. Hello. I had a dream a Rhino was chasing me last night. I was running through some woods, through a city, past a school and to an airport. I don’t know what all of this means but I just had a conversation yesterday about starting a school!

  6. Hello last night I had a dream that a rhinoceros was chasing me…. I was trying to hide and out run it. I found a car to hide in… knowing that it could smash the car with me in with no problem, I hide I the back in the middle. The rhinoceros put is head through the passenger window and luck my forehead a few times…. I am not sure what this all means

  7. Dale Langley on

    I was a wolf in my dream, It was my responsibility to find the meal for theee night. At first I had found a deer, but as I was napping un my dream it got away, I tried to replace it with a cat, buh they did not wish to eat the cat, after that I tried to replace it with a mouse, they didn’t want that either, the pack had told me to find food or they eat me, I couldn’t find a worthy meal to obtain and the pack started to chase me buh I had tricked them, and gotten away fastly on my way while running I had turned to look back and noticed, that something big and brown was running after me as well and as I was running I had stopped to take a look at exactly what It was and realized that I was being circled b a rhinocerous, like it was circling me as if to trap me, then I woke up shocked. Can you please interpret that dream for me ?

  8. Had a dream about being in a small blizzard with pine trees. There was a rhino in front of me, but it was a robot and blue. It had killed a small living animal and was…crying about it. He could talk to me and had emotions like a person. He said he regretted killing it, so we had to leave it’s body and search for our other friends in the blizzard. I’m very confused about it since the rhino was a robot, what does it mean?

  9. At around 11:20 I went to sleep and dreamed about rhinos chasing me one after the other , destroying everything in it’s path , afterwards I met up with someone (someone I know and have great respect for) who told me that I should be calm when one of them does that again , then when I was calm , they didn’t even bother looking at me for more than 2 seconds ..I woke up calmly at 01:25 after he dream stopped , what do you think all this can mean ?

  10. This morning I woke from the “end” of a dream-i came across a family..a woman 2 younger woman and a man.. they were cursed by an energy (or “magic” organization) , they couldn’t be in sunlight because it would harm them and they hid in a broke down house.. I took them out of the house keeping them safe from both light and whatever energy it was that banned them there but we were followed.. we made it to a shaded forest where the energies following us moved trees to trap and harm them. I then used my energy to alter all of the elements far and near ( star sky, water and earth )to release the pressure off of there bodies and change the earth to bear and confuse their cursers.. we began to travel to find our town/home.. we ended up up in a desert surrounded by mountains (after long travels many years) accompanied by a rino armored in machinery and carrying all of our survival belongings .. there was ash and snow with a strong wind all around us and i noticed that our rino was slowing as if weakening so I lead us to stop .. while comforting the rino (softly stroking his horn and head) and feeding him (and water)I was checking what the machinery needed(coal or heat) .. I turned to one young girl and saw that she was still cold and gave her my coat.. I looked to the mountains thinking am I leading in the right direction as if lost because every thing had been altered but still feeling free and safe.. then I woke up..

  11. Hi, I had a dream seeing an animal with the shape of a LION from body to head and face of a Rhino… It was just running running away for safety while my dogbtries to attack it, I was scared wen I lose sight of my dog and the funny and scary looking animal, only to see my dog return to me at my elder sister’s house door step fondling me with joy. Please what does it mean?

  12. A rhino was chasing me in a greenhouse……can someone please explain to me what this means because I’ve had this dream more than five times

    • Mayank Rawat on

      Similar dream as yours has been chasing me for several times. Even Iam curious to know the meaning behind this.

  13. Hi! can you help me to know the exact meaning of my dream? This happen in one night… first I dream about my little boat it is color white and black will sink and I notice that the water coming from the hole and I see the hole was remove and I remember in my dream that my untie clean my boat and forgot to put it back so I get it and I’m the one who put it back.. Second while putting it back I notice that there is something under the water it coming to me. I observed it until it pass by me it is a giant and big rhinocerous under the clear and calm water passing by… the water is calm like there is nothing under it.. First I thought it is a crocodile but no there is a horn and it’s really a rhino… third when I reach the shore I was welcome by the side of baby dinosaur looks like looking for something and I notice my surrounding was like an anciant times for me to not notice by the baby dinosaur I climb up the tree and transfer to each tree to reach where my untie, son of my untie and my mother, when I reach were they are I land in the hallway and their is many door each door have a collage look like painting and puzzle it is colorful left and right. I see my mother going out to one of the door and I approach her and said we need to go out. We went inside the room and I search for alternative way to go out. I see a window a high window that I need to climb in closet and refrigerator for me to be able to reach it and my untie, untie son and mother was smiling. I reach the window and there is a glass I remove carefully the window glass to avoid brekages.I was successfully remove the glass and I notice that there is a grills I was removing it when there is a baby who is transforming like baby rhino it is transforming and when I notice it he is infront of me sneezing and transforming into a chubby baby and sneezing… While he is sneezing I was able to remove the grills with my own hands without struggling it was easy… and when I got out I see a girl and another baby this time it’s a normal baby and when I look back I see my untie son bringing the baby rhino who is transforming…. please help me translate this dream

    • Hi,
      This is so bizarre but, I had a similar dream last night and just when I thought how a rhino and a sinking yacht could be in the same dream I read your comment. I hope this helps us both but if we share our real life experiences related to the period of the dream, we might come up with something. If you agree, let me know.

  14. I had a dream that my family wanted to take a picture with a rhinoceros in the zoo but i was too scared to go that close to it. So we took a picture with an elephant instead.

  15. I had a dream where I was in school and I was with my sibling I was trying to leave the school but a rhino wouldn’t let me and everytime I tried escape the rhino was there. I was petrified and at one point it looked at me with it red eye

  16. Isidra rocha on

    Dreamed of seeing my daughters jeep overturned then it wasnt the jeep it was a rhinoceros. And. Three men putting it in a trailer because it had escaped….what dose this mean?

  17. Hello, i had a dream i was walking and out of the blue i saw a rhino and it ran towards me ,i was frightened and ran away and hid behind a wall and sat down ,it ran after me and found me but the moment i saw it after it caught up with me i became less scared and was calm. I eventually got up and started walking with it. What does this dream mean?

  18. had a dream of rhino. i was walking in the hall, can see the slaughter through secret closest. and i see rhino was in desperate get out, i ran and pull rhino get out of slaughterhouse. i tried to save others rhino but they re scared. some man saw me and try to shot at me. so i ran with rhino away from them. i felt bad that i can’t save more because i don’t have gun on me. i gave rhino to people who is supportive of animal.

  19. I just woke up from a dream where we came across a baby rhino, and I decided to take care of him. The baby rhino imprinted on me and only wanted me to feed him. We tried figuring out what a rhino is supposed to eat, and if I could get permission to keep such an exotic animal as a pet. I was doing everything to make sure the baby rhino wouldn’t have to part from me and that he was getting all the food, love and care he needed.

  20. I had a dream I was following a rhino. It ran past me and over a wall I followed it over the wall and kept on its tale over another three or four walls until I reached a ledged I climbed up onto and realised it was the end. (The last wall to overcome) at that point; decided to turn back and apon returning to where I started I then woke up

  21. I was dreaming I was in a desert looking land with trees and dirt and some rocks. I saw the rhino and it charged at me and I couldn’t hide, there was nothing to hide behind… but I found a divot on the ground and imwas going to lay in it and it turned into a shallow hole, so I jumped in and saved my two cats, and then he came over and ended up having an elephant trunk he stuck down in the hole trying to smell where I was…. the I woke up….

  22. Sara Ferguson on

    I was in water between two rhinos and i had my hand on one of them and it was crying. At first i thought the Balinese looking guys were mating them and i was scared they were going to squash me between them and the rocks i was against. But they killed them. I dont know how as i was trying to be there for the rhino crying. What does that mean?

  23. Had a dream that I was riding on the back of a lion with a rhino running next to us running free in the dirt going around a bend

  24. Hello there…today I woke up a bit confused because of my dreams. In one part of dreams a young rhino appeared and something was wrong with him…I felt that. I took a sharp knife and I cut off the horn the way just near the skin but not harming her. I saw a big hole with innflamation mucus that started pouring out..was yellow…the rhino was really relaxed and peacefull while I was doing this “surgery” and at the end I took small drop glass jar and put few drops of that essence that seemed to be something as lavander essence on it and i said:”there you are, this will heal your wound” and i put a gentle smile on my face and i put the horn back. I had no tendency to keep the horn for i knew it was not mine. Then our path separated…I had a big relief on my heart.

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