Rhinoceros Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Rhinoceros Dream Symbol – Being one of the largest mammals, the presence of rhinoceros brings down to earth energy. While it displays aggressive behavior when threatened, it is a passive creature preferring its own company. Rhinoceros visits your dreams to remind or awaken you to the illusions around you.

Not everything is as it seems. You may be complaining that nothing goes right. Nothing is fair? The universe does not look after you. Instead of focusing on what you do not have, appreciate the miracles happening every second around you. A butterfly landing on a flower. A child’s squeal of delight at meeting a new puppy. The welcome home of your beloved pet. The hug of your partner after a long day at work. These are infinite unconditional miracles. See with a new perception. Show gratitude for all there is and all you have.

Rhinoceros dreamWhen this amazing prehistoric creature visits it can be to let you know to move forward with your goals with confidence. Be steadfast in pursuit of your goals. Face any challenges head-on and do not take no for an answer. Feeling nervous and edgy will defeat your purpose. Rhino can also mean you are walking all over others to get what you want if he is charging or behaving aggressively in your dream. This is not going to help you, and others may see it as bullying behavior. Take a step back and reevaluate.

Rhino’s horn is coveted for its symbolism of spiritual energy. Many have tried to take the horn for themselves to take ownership of this energy. They do not understand that the horn is worthless without the animal, for the energy comes from the beast.

You can never physically touch or own it. Strength comes from its symbology. The rhino has powerful strength and offers eternal protection. Protection that helps you see through the veils of illusions you and others spin. You can see the truth, by seeing with your heart. Rhino reminds you to keep yourself grounded. Plant your feet firmly in the ground. Do not get caught up in the emotions of the dramas around you.

When Rhinoceros crosses your Path

Rhinoceros crosses your path to remind you to take time out to enjoy your success and balance your life. You enjoy your own company and others seek you out for your wisdom about love, life, and everything.

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  1. The text I sent a friend this morning after dreaming of befriending a baby rhino…

    I lived in another country, but many parts looked like Colorado. I became friends with a rhino . The rhino had his horn removed. The rhino also had a baby. I was leaving to come when I saw the baby rhino trying to cross a busy highway. I drove my truck onto the highway to block the other cars from hitting it. We ended up walking. We walked for a while. He ended up following me everywhere. Knowing my time was short and I had to leave I considered who would take care of and protect the baby rhino . He was curious of other animals and would always spot them from afar. I asked myself who could use a rhino? Maybe they could take it hunting. In my thoughts of convincing someone, A rhino for hunting they would ask. “Yeah, but what a great companion” I would reply. I had to leave, so on the shoulder of the road I gave the baby rhino a hug, I cried, and then I woke up missing the baby rhino….

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