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Rewind – Rewinding something in a dream is symbolic of a desire to go back in the past and change something that already happened. This happens as the result of our subconscious mind working through events of the past and trying to determine what would have happened if we had acted differently. Of course, it is impossible to know what would really have happened, as this is a reality completely inaccessible to us.

However, part of learning from our mistakes and past experiences is understanding what the outcome would likely have been if we had acted differently. Thus we may dream of rewinding events that turned out unsatisfactorily or which we regret, and we cannot actually rewind them, but we can learn from the events to avoid making a similar mistake again in the future.

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  1. I had a dream last night
    I was sleeping and having a normal dream but suddenly I woke up
    It felt like I was awake but I wasn’t because I was talking to my late grandpa
    He was saying that he was awake and I started balling my eyes out. I knew how he died and was telling him to not go to the hospital he said that he didn’t wanna live anymore because he was old and it was his time
    And then I woke up
    I was so confused because it felt so real and my dreams were so clear and vivid nothing was off.

  2. I had a nightmare last night. It was where I felt like I was partially awake and I couldn’t tell if I was. Then I was in school and I was walking down the hallway with everyone and they stopped suddenly and I didn’t. Then they started to go backwards and things rewinded. What something someone dropped suddenly was back in their hands and then the next thing I know I’m in my bed and I become unable to open my eyes and I hear intense heavy breathing right by my ear. I lose the ability to scream. If I move this invisible force tightens around me and everytime I try to move and wake myself it gets tighter and tighter and there’s a voice telling me to give up. And for some reason from that dream I just remember the term rape. I was before but the man was never prosecuted. Idk. If this dream goes with it, but it’s the first time I expierenced this and it was terrifying

  3. Open minded dreamer on

    I have been having dreams where I can rewind them at will. A lucid dream, except I’m usually stuck rewinding to the start of the same dream.
    This happens in different dreams as well.
    Running from police, killing people, killing myself. Always rewinding and doing it at least 5-10 times.
    Idk what it means, but I appreciate the second chances

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