Revolution Dream Symbol


Revolution – If you dream about a revolution, this indicates a need or desire to change something that is not satisfactory to you or that seems to you to be unjust. You probably have a keen sense of justice and hate to see anyone being treated unjustly, or you may feel that someone is acting unjustly to you. Essential to the revolution dream symbol is the idea of overthrowing the current ruling order.

This translates itself in your dream into a rebellion against whatever authority is in your life, whether this is your parents, your spouse, or your boss at work. If you dream about a revolution, examine your relationship with the authority figures in your life to understand why you are unhappy enough with them to dream about a revolution.

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  1. I had a dream where I was trapped in a dirty basement and I freed some other people and we freed more and we were escaping and then racing up stairs and then attacking and I used pots and pans lids as sheilds and someone fought my dad and i didnt see my mom but there was a another flight of stairs we needed to climb up to fight the person most in charge and I bet she and my siblings were up there.

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