Resuscitate Dream Symbol


Resuscitate – Resuscitation is a dream symbol of disintegration of some important aspect in your life, and your need to spend effort and time bringing it back to life. If you dream that something needs to be resuscitated, this indicates damage that is occurring to something unnoticed or unseen, to the point of choking life out of it. Perhaps a relationship has problems which have become catastrophic. Perhaps you are beginning to feel unhappiness in your job.

You may even have not yet identified the root cause of your problem. Dreaming that you are resuscitating something signifies the effort you are putting into these important aspects of your life, and is a beneficial and hopeful symbol, but also indicates that the situation will become very dire if you do not put this effort in.

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  1. I just had a dream my baby DIED.
    In the dream…from what I can remember, I was playing with her on my lap and for more SECONDS, I held her upside down by her feet (in a playful way). That must have sent too much blood to her heard because she started shaking in my arms. I laid her down,she went unconscious. I tried to resuscitate her…to no avail. I called out for my mom to call 911,but there was no use. I called her dad and told him and,that’s when I woke up.
    I feel so many different emotions now. Now,I feel like a horrible person/mother.
    Please tell me how to interpret this. I feel lost.

  2. In my dream my sister came home shaken up saying one of her friends boyfriend (shes in 8th grade) passed away of a heart attack. I felt really bad and comfored her. I was watching my
    3 youngee siblings in addition to her and the middle child of the three, my 8 year old brother started having a heart attack and i did cpr and i even had an aed for him. Everything felt so real i remember saying 30:4 beats per breath. He was not able to be revived and he died. I screamed and started crying my heart out. I woke up and then I was still crying.

  3. I had a dream that my little brother got into an accident and passed away and I brought him back to life through this spirit dog. I put my hands on this small dog and asked him to bring my brother back, and he was brought back. I remember crying in my sleep as he ran up to me and gave me a big hug. I told him that I love him and I’ll always be there for him. My brother is alive in real life, he is 7 years old and very healthy. Why did I have this dream, or what does it mean?

  4. I actually dreamed that I was on my way to visit a friend I hadn’t seen for quite some time…when I arrived, she had been performing CPR on a black haired female paramedic in front of a crowd of onlookers…the paramedic had just passed away and I was trying to comfort my friend who wad devastated…next thing I know, I’m helping to move the (now blonde) paramedic into a straighter position and she begins to cough and moan and we realise she didn’t pass away…

  5. What does it mean to perform cpr on someone who was chocked to death and resucitating the person the pwople who tried to kill her start to chase you to make sure that is dead

  6. In my dream I was giving my baby cousin a bath, my bother came in and tried to help however he made a mess I asked my bother to leave and in the one second I turned my back to shut the bathroom door the baby was face down life less in the tub in 1 in of water. Immediately I took the child and placed him on the floor and begain CPR all the while directing my bother to call 911 after 3 rotations of compressions and breaths the baby to a breath and came back to life. The next part of the dream was me worried hold the baby and waiting for the ambulance – the ambulance never came, when I checked my bothers call log he had not even called he said he forgot, then he said he dailed the wrong number when I tried to call 911 I could get the number right myself. Even though I was pressing 911 on the key pad the numbers that apeard on the screen where 211. While this is happening my grandmother is telling me that she doesn’t think its nevessary to take the baby to the hospital and that she won’t tell my aunt and uncle about what happened however I have this sense that the baby must be seen and examined and that this is the right thing to do and I will do the right thing.

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