Resurrection Dream Symbol


Resurrection – Dreaming about a resurrection is a sign of hope and new life, especially regarding something that has been lost, damaged, or even apparently destroyed. Common topics referred to in the resurrection dream symbol include relationships, jobs, and even motivation to live and to improve your life.

Often the dream symbol of resurrection will be accompanied by another dream symbol that indicates exactly what in your life is being resurrected – whether it’s a struggling relationship, a soul-sucking job, or overall hope in your life – and turned from something terrible into something wonderful again.

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  1. I recently lost my bird ..after three days I dreamt of it returning to me then after that I dreamt I died in an car accident but fortunately when people looked closely at the car..I was perfectly ok …what does that two dreams mean?are they connected?

  2. I already dreamt twice of an ex boyfriend who died 3 years ago after suicide. We were already broken up for two years when he died and i didn’t have any loving feelings for him anymore. After he died i got his share of the house we jointly had. In my dream he is back to life and i am mainly worried because of the possible fraud regardi ng his life insurance. The dream happened the night after i saw my last ex boyfriend who completely ignored me. I am wondering what the dreM of my resurrected ex boyfriend means in this context.

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