Restrained Dream Symbol


Restrained -Being restrained is a dream symbol for having your personal autonomy and power taken away. If you cannot move your body in a dream because you have been restrained, this is a clear indication that another person in your life is preventing you from taking the actions in your life to make the accomplishments you wish to.

This may be a toxic relationship, or it may be an accidental occurrence as a result of circumstances, rather than someone deliberately trying to damage you or your autonomy. The full meaning of this dream symbol will vary depending on the other people and circumstances surrounding it, as well as the emotions present.

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  1. My dream happened last night. I was on a floor or a bed. Something was holding me down by my lower back and bottom. I was petrified. I tried to move but felt paralysed. I tried to scream yet no sound I kept trying. Over and over I kept screaming for my sister Sid..till eventually my flat mate Norman, he came into my room and woke me.
    My sister is hundreds of miles away in England, I’m in Northern Ireland.

    I feel like I’m going nowhere in my life. And have spoken to friends recently about this. I have a child of 16. In 2 years he will go to university. Till then, I can’t leave this country. I feel trapped.

  2. I have nightmares in which I restrained, usually by the arms, either above my head or beside my chest. I (literally) scream in the nightmare for help, which never comes. I slip in between the dream and reality, knowing I’m in my bed, but still feeling as if something I cannot see is holding me down by my arms. I awaken some and try to free myself. This is a cycle of a dream that I slip in and out of up to about six times, (that I”m able to recall and count). At times in the dream someone I knew in life was holding me down and forcing me to do things I did not want to. (Not sexual) I have had these nightmares all of my life, and it makes me not want to sleep when they start happening often.

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