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Restrained -Being restrained is a dream symbol for having your personal autonomy and power taken away. If you cannot move your body in a dream because you have been restrained, this is a clear indication that another person in your life is preventing you from taking the actions in your life to make the accomplishments you wish to.

This may be a toxic relationship, or it may be an accidental occurrence as a result of circumstances, rather than someone deliberately trying to damage you or your autonomy. The full meaning of this dream symbol will vary depending on the other people and circumstances surrounding it, as well as the emotions present.

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Stephen is a self confessed dream junkie that loves all things dream related. He is a writer for Dream Stop and has been working in the field of dreams for the past decade. He believes that the YOU are the only person who can truly understand the meaning of your dreams. You have to look inside your inner thoughts to find the hidden truths in your dream. These interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. Stephen's interpretations should be considered an opinion, not professional advice.


  1. I had this dream about a year or so. I was dreaming of a place I guess a clan or so and the leader was a man who’s face was blurred but he was pointing me with a Katana (Japanese sword). The sword was sharp and he was poking a bit of the back of my neck as this was happening I was able to feel blood running down a bit on my neck but stopped to grab me by the hair and was telling me something but can’t remember what he was saying. Throughout the whole situation I was tied with my hands and feet to the back and I was on my knees. Also I wasn’t feeling scared just confused with what’s happening.I don’t understand why I was dreaming of something like this but if anyone can help me interpret the meaning behind it I’d greatly appreciate it.

  2. I just woke up from this dream of being held down and I keep having dreams about it. The first time was probably 3 or 4 years ago when someone tried to hold me in the darkness but I didn’t know who it was or what it was. Now I keep having that dream now and then. A few month’s ago I had the same dream except I was trying to get up but I was struggling. I was laying down on my stomach and felt like I was being held down by something but I couldn’t see it. I eventually got up but I felt weak and couldn’t reach my room light or door for some reason. In these dreams I never get to see what it is or who it is and I’m never able to scream or talk in the dream. The dream that I just woke up from a few minutes ago was a bit different from the others though. In this dream it was a pretty normal day and it felt real but it wasn’t. It was probably around 6pm in my dream and I went to the bathroom. When I came back I turned off my light and laid down on my bed. I tried to get up but I kinda felt something pulling on my arm. This dream was similar to the last one where I tried to reach the light or my door but I wasn’t weak. I was close to my door but it wouldn’t let me open it. It dragged me back to my bed and made me lay down on my back. I tried to get back up but I couldn’t I tried to scream but it covered my mouth so when that happened I just laid there in my dream. After that I woke up. Even though i was laying down on my back I should’ve had a good view of its silhouette or face but I couldn’t see anything. Maybe the thing that was holding me down was myself but I’m not sure.

    • Omg! I have had those same kind of dreams. It’s very traumatic. I can’t get away and it’s like a power is holding me down, not a hand. Wonder if it means I am powerless in my life and I need to take control??

      • My boyfriend had a dream of himself being held down by two men. And my bf is 6’5”” 250ish… hes a big guy. What does this mean? He also yelled help out loud.

  3. Hey, I had a dream I was laying down with my lover, and she was holding me but after a while I tried to turn my body to move and I couldn’t, so I got up while still asleep and started fighting and screaming “let me go, let me go” and she was there with me in the bed so she started to call my name and ask what happen, I started telling her I couldn’t breed, she just wanted me to open my eyes so that I can know it was just a dream

  4. I’ve recently had a dream of my ex- best friend that I’ve recently stopped bring friend with. She asked to talk to me while I was walking with my other friends and I agreed to. My other friends went to the bathroom and we walked to a corner so we could talk. Right when my friends left I was going to say something but I was met with her pinning me down forcefully. I yelled for my friend’s names but they couldn’t hear me.

    The dream felt so real that when I woke up it took me a while to process that I was in fact alone and safe.

  5. I had a weird dream last night—I was watching an American Dad episode, except that everyone’s head in the intro turned into Klause’s fish bowl. Later on in the dream—I was in Stan’s POV, I (Stan) went into a hospital or some kind of institution. I was talking to the employees (nurses) and out of nowhere, they pushed me into the working table and held both of my arms down. I was panicking—they said over and over gain “Calm down,” they grabbed a bone saw and started cutting my wrists. I have NO idea what this means. I woke up confused and yet terrified.

  6. Stephanie r on

    I had a dream about two people restarting me and holding me down and I was calling out a friend of mine’s name over and over in my dream and woke up yelling it out loud 10-15 minutes later he showed up at my door in the middle of the night.r what does this mean

  7. I had a dream that I became a fluffy moth in colorful world, almost too colorful…so happy it feels fake you know? Anyways, I was fluttering also hovering over a ledge looking across the way in bright day, I saw a similar moth invested in a shrub with no berries. I went “youuwhooo come here” and so it did. Then turns out he was my lover. We were reuniting until a blue bird came and pinned my down, but I really enjoyed it actually?

  8. happen that was sleeping but not way through, felt someone pulling my left handwoke up i was terrifying lots of things went through my mind only happen one time but think sometimes I think about if someone is trying to hurt me

  9. I had a dream where I was outside and I had stakes in my hands and feet faced down with a hole under my stomach and pelvic area with this really bad fire coming up from the hole in the ground with my pelvis and stomach on fire like burning on the inside of my body like I was being inpregnated by the devil or something. And also there was a big huge black wolf with red eyes growling and eating on me at the same time. I woke up and I was frozen couldn’t move at all except my right hand. I was sleeping in the bed with my husband. I touched him with my hand and told him to wake up and move me cause I couldn’t move. When he finally woke up he helped me sit up. When I sat up I started shaking really bad and my breathing was really fast, and crying perfusley. I said I need to start going to church. After I was crying so bad it stopped my nose up and started to dry out my throat. So I asked my husband to get me some water. Now even though all this was going on with the top party of my body being able to move I still couldn’t move my legs. He gave me the water, I drunk some then gave it back to him. Then I told him I need to get up. I need to stand up. Finally was able to move my legs after a little bit I got up . Stood against the wall shaking and crying and putting my hands over my face started check my hands and feet to see if I had holes in them from where I was staked to the ground in my dream. But the was nothing there. I looked multiple times over and over just to make sure that it wasn’t real. When I tried to walk around Abit my whole body was so sore it felt like I was in a bad car accident with a bunch of broken bones. I slowly stubbled for little while then I went and sat back down on the bed and looked down and said ” YOU WILL NOT HAVE ME, YOU SHALL NOT HAVE ME”. My husband who I thought feel back asleep was still awake. He got up off the bed turned the light on. And laid back down grabbed me and said come here , so I did . Then he said “go to sleep I will stay awake holding you so you can get back to sleep. Cause he knew that after that dream there was no way I could go back to sleep without me believeing that I was ok and safe with him holding me close. And eventually I was able to fall back asleep with him holding me.

  10. This has happened to me several times recently. Just a few nights ago was the latest episode. In each occasion I felt held down and restrained but this recent event I fought back. I did feel fear but also anger as I shouted, “Get off of me” multiple times and “Let go of me”! Unlike the prior times, I seemed to fall back into a deeper state of sleep rather quickly. I was pretty shaken the first few times this occurred. What’s odd is that I seldom reach R.E.M. sleep or remember dreams. These events seem so profound but make sense regarding its meaning and interpretation.

    • I was dreaming about restraining a male who kept stabbing my hand with forks and pens and then restraining a women who started talking sexy to try and turn me on. I’m not a bouncer or anything like that.

  11. I also had a dream of being restrained by my arms. I felt footsteps in my bed from what I believed to be a cat. It stretched across my arms so I could not move. I tried to push it away. I could feel its body and fur but could not see it. I could not push it away so I just let I take stay there until it passed. It caused a dark feeling.

  12. My dream happened last night. I was on a floor or a bed. Something was holding me down by my lower back and bottom. I was petrified. I tried to move but felt paralysed. I tried to scream yet no sound I kept trying. Over and over I kept screaming for my sister Sid..till eventually my flat mate Norman, he came into my room and woke me.
    My sister is hundreds of miles away in England, I’m in Northern Ireland.

    I feel like I’m going nowhere in my life. And have spoken to friends recently about this. I have a child of 16. In 2 years he will go to university. Till then, I can’t leave this country. I feel trapped.

  13. I have nightmares in which I restrained, usually by the arms, either above my head or beside my chest. I (literally) scream in the nightmare for help, which never comes. I slip in between the dream and reality, knowing I’m in my bed, but still feeling as if something I cannot see is holding me down by my arms. I awaken some and try to free myself. This is a cycle of a dream that I slip in and out of up to about six times, (that I”m able to recall and count). At times in the dream someone I knew in life was holding me down and forcing me to do things I did not want to. (Not sexual) I have had these nightmares all of my life, and it makes me not want to sleep when they start happening often.

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