Reptile Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Reptile Dream Symbol – Reptiles are cold blooded creatures that visit your dreams to warn it is a time to be cautious about all things. It can also be a warning someone close may not be all they appear to be or the purpose of their friendship is to betray you.

Because of the dual nature of reptiles, their ability to live on land and in water, they can refer to. people you need to be careful giving your trust to. Seeing a reptile on the move is a warning to protect yourself. Someone is after you. Seeing reptiles on land may be a warning to be wary of others trying to con you out of your money. And, if they are in the water can be a warning your emotions are out of control.

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reptile dreams

Reptiles sunning themselves, minding their own business indicates you have walls up to keep others out. This is a warning you can miss the opportunities you seek. Stop hiding away blaming the world for your troubles. It is time to get up off your butt and go after what you want out of life.

Being afraid of reptiles indicates your emotions may be out of control. If a woman is afraid of reptiles, it can mean there is a lack of trust in her partner. A man scared of reptiles can mean he fears that his partner is not being honest with him. And, for both sexes, it can even be that these fears are unfounded. You may need to investigate more deeply to see the real truth. These feelings of mistrust may be a figment of your imagination. It may be your emotions getting in the way. Find out the facts.

Dreaming of a reptile threatening you warns there are people around you that cannot be trusted. Reacting to protect yourself indicates this what you need to do in your real life. It is a time to ask the tough questions of some people close to you. Demand the answers. Doing this will help you weed out those with hidden agendas. This can benefit you in the long run.

Additional Reptile Dream Meanings

Dreaming of reptiles brings caution to your life. It is a time to take things slowly. It can also mean that someone close will betray you. Be on your guard. Reptiles can represent untrustworthy people. Seeing reptiles in a forest is a warning to beware of someone trying to rip you off. If they are in the water, your emotions may be in turmoil.

Seeing many reptiles lounging around in the sun can mean you do not let people get too close. This may lead to missing out on new opportunities. This may be a time where you need to get off your butt. Stop being lazy. Stop making excuses. Get out there. Take action towards making your dreams come true. Stop allowing things you care about pass you by.

Being threatened by a reptile is a sign you need to be cautious around certain people. Taking action against a reptile that threatens you is a warning you need to act in your waking life. You need to know answers to things to help you make decisions. Acting now will result in positive outcomes in some way.

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  1. Daddycraftjones on

    I dont recall where i was but it was low light and narrow. I was walking with someone i think my wife. She was ahead and to my right was a hole and this Komodo dragon came out started crawling on the walls I’m headed towards me but never came face-to-face that was it! And nothing is close to normal at this moment in time so strange.

  2. Saw multiple really small like 2-3 inches baby reptiles all green in colors but baby Crocs n alligators variety. They were all camouflaged on my long scarf and I started shaking the scarf to get rid of them and most of them did jump off and scatter away! Not sure what that means though

  3. it had crawled out of a crack in the wall then starting to eat something . i approach it and it started to grow bigger and bigger

  4. I dreamt of seeing four iguanasin my living room. the last one was always staring at me. Sometime later, that Iguana went into a fight with another iguana, I got scared and left the room. Later I found out that the iguanas changed into jelly like green octopuses

    • I saw a bunch of iguanas sleeping alongside me on a bed and in spite of me trting to take them away , they kept coming back. Some were around me, some were inside my clothes, and they kept coming back out of nowhere… they were just sleeping with me but i was scared.

  5. I had a dream that I was sleeping and suddenly there was a feeling that something is crawling on my chest and than I woke and kick the lizard with my hands and through it to wall and than I saw that lizard was gazing and teeth of the lizard was like human and than I woke up and dream ended.. could you pls tell me what this means… as I am afraid of it now..

    • Whats it to you on

      My dream was in my house the crocodile or alligator idk was in the sun and then I made a loud noise and it moved its head toward me (it had a deformed nose) and started to chase me i told my sister to stay away and then the thing reached my garage door and it was broken so I couldn’t close it and the thing got in i call it the thing bc when it got in it turn ed in to a human lizard thing my mom started to attack it and I told her to stay away too she didn’t listen and fought it the thing left but then I realized that my stuff was crushed on the floor and I went off on the thing it ran out and I woke up

  6. Ma. Marilyn Atienza on

    my daughter dreams that a green iguana went up and down her bed seems like the iguana is looking for someone. what does it mean?

  7. Hi,please what if you dream,and in the dream,you happen to be in a room playing game,all of a sudden,you see plenty reptiles,different types, all around you,it was as if the game I was playing,was bringing out all the reptiles and next to check,have the smaller scorpions all over the shirt I wore in the dream whiles the other ones are also all over the floor.And I did removed my shirt to get the reptiles on it off but I did remember removing it with a bit of fear.What does it mean please?

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