Replacement Dream Symbol


Replacement – A replacement is a dream symbol with several different meanings, depending on the item being replaced and the circumstances of the replacement. For instance, if you dream of buying a replacement for something that could be fixed, this signifies a negative tendency to give up on projects, dreams, ambitions, or relationships rather than working on them or seeing them through.

If you dream of a replacement, this may be an indication that you need to focus more on repairing the things in your life that are not working, or on not breaking them in the first place. Sometimes, though, a replacement can be a beneficial dream symbol, signifying the removal of something that is truly no longer good for you or beneficial for your interests, and which cannot be repaired, and replacing it with something that will benefit you.

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  1. I dream of my two phones one was cracked beyond repair and the other one has a little scratch one its glass so I insisted that the one that is cracked should be replaced and it was replaced with new one exactly the same type of phone.. what does it mean pls

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