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Renovate – If you dream of renovating something, this is an indication of taking something old and making it beautiful and new again. This can apply to possessions, but it can also apply to nonmaterial things, such as relationships, jobs, or hobbies. You may have been despairing of a relationship, and your dream about renovation may be the sign that you should not despair of the relationship; instead, you should work on it, improve it, and make it new again.

Your dream about renovation or renovating indicates that everything is not what it seems; sometimes, things only need a little work and creativity to become much better than they currently are.

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  1. I dreamt that my mother and aunts renovated my old place while I was overseas so that my cousin could live there. My mother told me while I got my first look at it that they did a terrible job and no one would want to live there. And also that my dog which she was watching for me she forgot at her house and she wouldn’t return him to me. Just as a kicker I drove to my in-laws house to tell my husband about it and he was in another car. He leaned out the window and told me that he is going to run an errand and that I had better be gone and never come back.

  2. I had a dream during the day today that my grandmother house is getting renovated and she was still alive. During the renovation we cooked with my aunt’s for family gathering. One aunt has passed on and the other one is still alive. After eating when we all supposed to tidy up, they dished for themselves on the containers and left without helping. We realized that they have taken most of the food. Another strange thing that was happening, I was worried that the stoep was too high for my grandmother to climb and she was battling to climb and walk through it except when she’s bare footed

  3. So in waking life I’m at a crossroad and feel like I’m the only one working on my marriage.And so i prayed that God shows me what to do because I don’t want to end up divorcing for all the wrong reasons.
    And so last night I dreamt I was making renovations to my childhood home.
    This enterpretation tells me that I need not give up yet.

    • Also that you have things within you from years ago that you may need to address to be a better you for yourself and your marriage.

  4. I had a dream my grandmother’s old house which i live in had been completely remodeled on the from the outside and it was beautiful. But i couldn’t help but feel as if the house on the inside had no change. Anyway when i was inside the house i was pushing on the front door trying to keep some familiar people out (school friends) but one boy came in and my uncle appeared and he ran out and the door shut.

  5. Hi I had a dream about renovating a house with an ex .. An ex I broke up with in the autumn but still means a lot to me. I felt that all wasn’t what it seemed with how we broke up and that he lied to push me away.. In the dream I went to visit his hometown to renovate with him

      • Same for me last night .. I have been in a phase where I wanted to give up on us .. we broke up over 2 years ago and we promised each other to face our fears to meet again soon … I was giving up and I dreamed of the house mixed with the store we had together .. it was all nice and new and I was saying oh I don’t wanna sell it anymore I want to take of it better now .. and i wanted to tell my ex I didn’t wanna give it away anymore .. and the house was in between 2 highway .. like in v shape coming down and the house in the middle .. anyway weird

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