Reindeer Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Reindeer Dream Symbol –¬†Reindeer is a noble creature that symbolizes spirituality. This creature is a sign of positive things coming into your life. There will be new beginnings, good news, even new love will arrive. Reindeer spends much time under the cover of its natural environment and only comes out when it knows the environment is safe.

This is a sign that you may be awakening spiritually in some way. But you need to open your heart to leave any shyness behind. Do you hide away when you feel unsafe? While she brings good news and good luck, be wary for this can change in an instant. You need to show gratitude for all in your life to keep positive energy flowing in.

Reindeer dreamThis graceful animal visits your dreams to remind to stay on your path. Do not be diverted for diversions may be purposely designed to keep you from your goals. Her visit lets you know you are currently on the right path. Trust your instincts and avoid dramas that are not of your concern. She can also visit to let you know it is time to take a leap of faith. Believe all things are possible. Shine your own light to help you face any challenges you meet. Have faith and trust in your intuition. Do not make hasty decisions. But, trust in what you know from the heart. Avoid second guessing yourself.

Reindeer brings messages of loyalty. Do not let ego stand in your way. You have the ability to achieve whatever you want as long as you come from the heart. When a reindeer dies in your dreams, this is a good sign. When you kill her, it can mean you will receive an inheritance you had not expected or that now is not the time to procrastinate. Do not delay. For the opportunity may be lost. But if you are hunting reindeer, there is some nastiness coming to your life and reindeer running in full flight will bring luck to you and your family.

If you shoot a reindeer, this can mean your enemies will be humiliated in defeat. It can also mean you need to remain loyal to someone close to you during a time when they are going through much turmoil.

A visit from reindeer symbolizes you will soon know freedom. Freedom from responsibilities, the daily grind, a relationship or a situation. It is time to take action to move forward. Take control.

Other Interpretations

A reindeer dream symbol has multiple meanings, depending on your own culture. For instance, stories of Santa Clause (Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, etc.) include the use of reindeer for transportation, as Santa Clause travels across the world on Christmas Eve night to bring presents to children. Thus, if this is part of your personal storytelling and mythological history, your dream about reindeer may symbolize the same things that Christmas or Yuletide symbolizes for children: love, family, warmth, and togetherness.

They also symbolize a certain magic and the defiance of scientific reasoning in favor of a beautiful story. Dreaming of reindeer is a positive symbol of good things that are soon to come your way in a surprising manner.

When Reindeer crosses your Path

Reindeer crosses your path to remind that you are a born leader. People look to you for advice and support, and you love to guide others. You are actively involved with your community because you believe that is where the future lies.

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  1. Last night I was having a bad dream, about some sort of monster/alien/demon going round a small town murdering everyone. It was almost certain we would all die. I went to try and leave the town but the gatekeepers told us we would be found out by this monster and be killed almost instantly. It felt like all hope was lost. Then randomly, two small reindeer, almost the size of Shetland ponys, appeared at a quiet corner. Everything seemed calm around them, and they were calm. One of them gently nudged me several times to usher me toward this hidden camouflaged blanket where there was already someone hiding. I hid under this blanket and when the monster came looking for us it couldn’t see us and we were safe.

    Any ideas??

  2. A family bunch of Reindeer were expected to come through my town. It was big news .
    Then a henchman in a drench coat appears excited and asks permission to sniper them on top of a gymnasium/boxing. My heart sank .
    He was granted permission and started shooting the Reindeer .
    I ran onto the roof to try and stop him as I was gutted.
    The bench man was laid down taking aim and shooting them 1by1.
    I went to stop him ….but hesitated and left him to assassinate the final deer.

    I felt sad and gutted I hesitated, I hesitated because of fear incase he was someone important and I might get in trouble . He was around 50-55 years of age.

    I would love to know what that dream means please ?

    Thank You

  3. Hello! I dream a saw reindeers crossing a clear stream. Then I realized that they were also used by the people as vehicles cle so they can cross the stream… the reindeers let them sit on their backs so they can help the people cross… what does it mean? Beside a stream is a foliage and it is so green and serene with all the plants and the stream and sparkling with clear waters..

  4. 11/12/2015:

    I dream vividly and often.
    Last evening, i was in a large crowd of people walking through a tight passage between two
    large mountains. There were large Reindeer with magnificent antlers spread throughout the
    crowd. I seemed to be towards the back of the crowd and there were bears running around.
    One stopped to sniff my hands and then went off.

    What the heck does this symbolize?
    All contributions appreciated.
    Thanks, ed

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