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Reincarnation РFear of death is a common and deep-seated fear among all humans. The meaning of your dream about reincarnation will vary depending on your personal religious or spiritual views, and especially your belief in reincarnation in your waking life. If you dream of dying and being reincarnated, this is an indication of your feelings about death. On the other hand, if you have dreams about yourself in a past life, you should consider the possibility that these are truly past-life memories that are beginning to surface through your unconscious. 

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  1. When I was a kid,I often had a dream about me walking on some meadow covered with white weard flowers. weather was sunny,it was always sunset. At once I would see a girl sitting on a stump in white summer dress,looking at distance and crying. I was trying to get to her and ask what’s wrong,but something was always on my way,like some invisible barrier.So all I could was watch her cry. Few minutes,she would watch in distance and cry,after that,she would cover her face with hands and contiue to cry. As a kid,I couldn’t recognize her,she looked simular to me,but I never saw her in real life. After many years I forgot about that dream until I had it again. Everything was same like before exepct i was able to recognize the girl. It was me!. When I saw myself crying i woke up fast bearly breathing. That same dream didn’t stop repeating. I stil dream that sometimes and every time I se myself. I never found out what does it mean.

  2. I had a dream last night I was in some house with people I knew very well around me. Although in my current life I don’t know them. We were all confused as to what was happening because we would look outside and it seemed to be the end of the world. Noone was in site. I turned and looked at everyone and myself. We all had stunning blue eyes. I didn’t understand what was happening. Later in the dream I had found someone who I assumed was my soul mate. We ended up going into a bedroom which resembled an office where my soulmate encouraged me to have sex with another one of the people who were in the house with us. It seemed to be a normal thing to have open sexuality. I attach this to the gods the Romans believed in as they were very sexually active. Later on we were all together again and I asked why are our eyes blue? Someone said, were being reborn. Confused, I asked the same question again and got the same answer. I then looked at everyones eyes to see them returning to their original color. I turned to my soulmate and asked if my eyes were brown again. He said yes, we have been reborn. I then looked outside to see the real world populated with people again, everything seemed normal as its always been. I woke up after this. I firmly believe I experienced the waiting period after death and before we are reincarnated. I woke up feeling a great understanding as to what I have experienced time and time again. I am very greatful to my spirit guide for showing this truth to me.

  3. I had a dream where I had died and was in the post-death/pre-re-birth stage. For the record, I do believe in actual reincarnation after reading books/watching videos about Buddhism and practicing meditation. I was with my wife, and we were in some kind of shopping mall being rushed through the place. I recall that we had money to buy new shoes, and both insisted that we really needed new shoes for the journey.

    We were separated after getting new shoes at this weird mall-like place. After getting the new shoes, I entered this spinning tunnel rapidly where there were yellow sticky notes floating around me and voices saying that I shouldn’t have been so mean to certain people. On the sticky notes, they had certain thoughts written down that I had in that lifetime. I don’t recall at all thinking about my wife after putting on shoes and entering spinning tunnel.

    I woke up in a human infant’s body where people who I assume my parents and grandparents were watching me walk on the floor in amazement. The males in the room had beards, I was scared and disorientated. After a while, I was watching myself from a neutral 3rd person point of view exploring the surroundings.

    I wrote down this dream in dream journal, made a couple of simple sketches, and went to bed. Later that night in another dream, I observed the same child a little bit older from a 3rd person perspective walking while standing up. He was being kissed on the forehead by the same adults in the previous dream. The feeling in the 2nd dream was one of safety and being loved.

    I’m not sure whether or not this was an actual past life, or my dreams telling me about the process that takes place after physical death. I couldn’t recognize the adults in my dreams as my actual parents/grandparents, or at least not based upon what I think they used to look like years ago.

    Cool dream regardless whether or not it was supposed to be a flashback of past events or a narrative/documentary on what may happen after we die.

  4. I had a dream where I had a brother who died and everyone was very sad. The brother wasn’t the same as the one I actually have in real life. Eventually I was walking home from work and walking through a shopping centre and past a group of people. One of them asked me to high five them, I did and then they started laughhing. One other member of the group got up and was bigger and stronger than me, I tried to fight but it did nothing and he strangled me to death. Later my mother in law saw some online recording I had uploaded while he was throttling me. The person who killed mewas someone I went to school with, but never had any problems with.

    Later on my brother, who isn’t my real brother wad reincarnated in my place but was confined to a wheelchair. I have never had a dream I remembered anything like this happened before.

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