Rehabilitation Dream Symbol


Rehabilitation – If you dream of going to rehabilitation for an addiction problem, this indicates a situation in your life that you feel has spiraled out of control. This dream signifies that you wish to get this problem under control, or at least that you see the need for getting it under control. It also indicates that you do not feel that you have the means to fix it by yourself, and that you need the help of another authority figure or expert.

If you dream of sending or encouraging another person to go to rehab, this indicates your sense that this other person’s life has also spiraled out of control. However, you need to make sure that the person’s life truly is harmful and out of control before you intervene, because this dream may also simply indicate that you feel you have lost control over someone you used to have much influence with. 

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  1. I also met a really nice girl while i was there and we started to date it kinda makes me feel like i need to go to rehab even though all i do is smoke weed

  2. Erin robinson on

    Hi! I had a dream that I was the one who went to rehab. It seemed like it was deep in the woods next to a lake. It was my last few days of rehab before I was sent home.. The last day my husband (who is my boyfriend) and my kids (who were my coworkers) came to pick me up .. Why would they be in my dream? Why would they be my children ? It doesn’t make sense to me… Could you please email me back ? Thank you!!!!

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