Refusal Dream Symbol


Refusal – Dreaming that you refuse to do something that someone else requests or orders you to do is a signal of your feelings of personal autonomy. If the other person accepts your refusal, this indicates that you feel in control of your actions. You feel respected, both within yourself and by others outside yourself. If the other person refuses to accept your refusal and attempts to coerce you, whether they succeed or not, this indicates that you feel your decisions are not your own to make, and that someone else has control over the actions you take in your life.

If you dream that someone else refuses to do something you ask them to, this indicates a feeling of insecurity in the relationship. It could also indicate that you feel you lack authority, are not respected, or feel helpless.

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  1. Randie Parra on

    I have been having this reoccurring dream where my exes are in my house and no matter how much I tell them to leave they just ignore me and continue to torment me throughout my dream, none of my family members acknowledge my stress in my dream and don’t bother to kick them out even though they can see me suffering. I don’t know why this is, but it’s worrying.

  2. I dreamt my x refused to give me my bluetooth music/phone enabling headset back to me, despite me asking him congenially several times. in the end I just prised them from off his head. he looked sneaky, smug an a little cheesed off, as if to say why the f..k shouldn’t I wear them whenever or for how long he likes to.

    in real life I’ve just starting talking to him after a longish hiatus, which I instigated.

    I thought we were getting along well.

    he also has a new partner, which I feel happy about. tbh I feel relived that he has started afresh. the onus is no longer on me.

  3. I’ve been having the same dream for about 8 months now. I’m in New Orleans searching for a beignet shop. I either never find the shop, or when I do, something always happens and I’m never allowed to purchase my beignet. In all these months not one time have I been able to be served. I’ve done research & have asked people their advice and I have no answers. I’m not the type of person that remembers their dreams very often so for this to happen constantly is not normal for me and I would love to know what this dream means.
    Thank You

  4. In my dream I was shopping at a store and a show/play was going to be showing that night. My boyfriend wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to go or not, but I wanted to attend even if he didn’t go. At the store I met a lady (who I don’t know in real life) and found out that she was going to that play as well and that she didn’t have anyone to go with. The tickets cost less if bought in pairs so I said that we could split the ticket cost if my boyfriend did not end up going. She agreed and I gave her $200, the total was $500, but I said I would pay her the rest once I found out if my bf was going or not. Some time passed and my bf called and said that he was going to be able to go. I then let the woman know and asked her for my money back. She REFUSED to give the money back and held on to it for dear life. She did not want to give it back no matter how much I asked. I had to restrain her and told her I would call the police. She Still refused. She even tried to sneak away a couple of times. At some point while she was trying to sneak away I called the police and told them what happened. They said they were on their way and then I woke up. This was a very odd dream and wonder what her refusal to give me back my money is trying to say to me, if anything. Thanks

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