Refugee Dream Symbol


Refugee – If you dream that you are a refugee, this indicates a sense of insecurity with your life. This may stem from the people in your life, making you feel that your relationships are not stable or trustworthy. It may also stem from your circumstances, which may be chaotic enough to make you feel that everything in your life is vulnerable and likely to change.

If you dream that you take in a refugee, this is an indication of the contrary: you are very secure with your position in life, to the point where you feel that you can help others who are less secure. This may have very little to do with your financial position or the ability of your home to actually house guests. This is likely an indication of an emotional and psychological security, and the ability to provide support to people who are suffering from anxiety and instability. 

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  1. I had a dream about saving refugees. Well, my whole school had a chance to save as many refugees as possible in a matter of time. My dream didn’t really make sense. I knew it was a dream about refugees because somewhere in my dream a few signs said, “save refugees.”

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