Reflection Dream Symbol


Reflection – The meaning of this symbol depends on where you see your reflection in the dream. If you dream of seeing your reflection in the mirror, this indicates your true view of yourself. The way you see yourself in the mirror indicates the image you have of yourself, including your dominant faults and virtues, and your perception of your general worth.

If you see yourself in an imperfect reflection, such as in a body of water where the ripples distort your reflection, this signifies that you are not comfortable with your view of yourself, or that there are certain aspects of yourself that you would rather not address. 

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  1. John nhoel m. Bernabe on

    My dream is somehow similar, facing in the mirror . But my dream last night a different layout. As i was faced the mirror and seen my actual reflection. Nothing change in my image, clear , as if it was real. But one thing took different is that aside from the actual reflection. I saw behind me another reflection standing. This one is morr robust. The facial expression is more strong, mature and serious. I have a lots of dream facing the mirror but this one is different . As i saw the reflection behind the reflection of me actual in the mirror i felt i was inferior to the another reflection i have behind. Cant you tell what does it mean ?

  2. Laura Lynne on

    I had a dream that I watched (wasn’t really involved in). I know I was one of the characters though. I had been following this boy & he was the older one I think of these two brothers(he knew I was there but he never payed attention to me). One was favored over the other & I do believe it was the one I followed. He was hanging out with all his friends, all were girls & he got a cupcake with mold on it. He told his friends it was mold & they didn’t believe him so he ate it. After he ate it he started to turn into a zombie & it turned all of his friends indivisible, slightly(pink aura bodies). They went into a sewer to hide from people & they told him he had to fix it. Then a skeleton came out of no where, & I knew I was the skeleton. It had a crystal aura but there was light pink / light purple aura around the crystal aura, too. I watched as it(I) reached its right hand out & pointed at the boy, then reached its left hand out & pointed at the boy & started walking closer to him slowly. He immediately reached his right hand out & his left hand out a little( like a “Kamehameha”)towards it & blew it into pieces & then it turned to dust cause he kept blowing this force at it. He went up thru a manhole cause he thought he was cured but when he got out he was full blown zombie. Brown hair turned black, skin turned pale green with dark veins & glowing green eyes that were surrounded in black. He saw his reflection in the water puddle when he got out(it was raining) & he immediately went back down to the sewer. I know what everything means, the end just kinda confused me with his reflection.

  3. My dream wasn’t with a mirror. It was another body of my self but had red eyes and black everything. I ran after I saw my evil self..

  4. Emily Masters on

    I have a long hallway with a tall mirror at the end. My room is at the other end.
    Anyway, I saw myself in it. Then a few seconds later it came running at me. I ran back into my room and jumped onto my bed and landed face up. I put my hand up and the reflection jumped and fell on my hand and disappeared. I woke up and went to the bathroom and was scared to look in the mirror lol. What does this mean??

  5. I had a dream that I was looking at my hair in the bathroom mirror and as soon as looked up to look at my face my reflection started walking away from me and i just screamed and woke up. What does this mean?

    • Susan tyner on

      I also saw my reflection turn and walk away from me. I was wide awake when it occured i would also like to know what this means

    • Veronnikah on

      I had a dream last night that I was looking at my reflection combing my hair when I felt someone looking at me and I looked to the right on the reflection of the mirror and I was staring back at myself. I moved to the left and that is when I noticed it was another reflection of me behind my real reflection. I turned around to look and nothing was there. I felt startled by this.

  6. caterpillar on

    Last night I had a dream, I was walking past a mirror and glanced at it as I walked by but my reflection forgot to look back up at me. I was shaken and scared as there were other haunted things happening at the time before and when I looked back at the mirror it was back to normal. only I noticed there was something off. It had a hint of a smile as it looked at me. Shining eyes and a half grin as it copied my every move.

  7. I had a dream that I have been running around my house and I looked at my reflection in the window, I saw a creepy red doll sitting on my shoulder (I think it was supposed to represent my evil side) when I stared at it my vision started to swirl and I heard a weird “moo” kind of sound, so I couldn’t see then I woke up

  8. In one of my dreams I was coming home at night and my dad told me to tell the neighbors to turn off thier lights. It had something to do with him not wanting the light to enter the reflections of the windows and mirrors. I did as I was told and upon returning he said there was something in the reflections. He told me not to talk to “him”. I didn’t know who or what he was Reffering to.

    So out of curiosity I looked into a mirror. I tested whatever was in the mirror. I leaned in and beared my teeth. In return my reflection’s eyes widened and tried to claw at me. Then the more I looked at myself I started to change. Three eyes appeared on my face and my hair turned into tentacles. I ran to my room and desperately tried to cover the mirrors.

    I remember distinctively being ashamed of my reflection more than I feared it.

  9. I have been having a few dreams this week where i see myself in the mirror. I only rember 2 well. The first i looked in the mirror and my jaw was out of place. (in real life i have to get it adjusted by a chiropractor because i clench my teeth) i was looking at my face and when i opened my mouth in the mirror it was so distorted and disgusting. I have been very ill for 2 yrs and i wonder if it has something to do with how i see myself because of it. In the 2nd dream i just put on sunglasses and they were way too small on my face. I love sunglasses. In my dream i thought it was amusing.

  10. Last night I had a dream that turned me out of my sleep.
    In my dream, which I can remember not fully, I was looking at the reflection of myself – and my gums were bleeding, red, hurting me. I suddenly pulled out one of my cheek tooths (up, left side) because he was hurting me. After that, all my other teeth fell out.

    And i know, i am transitioning from one perspective of my psyche into the other, i have a big fear of how others perceive me, since i am about to lose my boyfriend and my whole set of friends.
    It seems to me, that I am annoying and therefore not worth of their friendship.
    Also, I just add this to complete everything, talk about every fear I have:
    My birthday is tomorrow, and I am certain that I will not be remembered.

  11. I had a dream where I was standing in front of a mirror and I could see my reflection but even though it was me in the mirror but there was something off about my reflection something bad and evil I ran downstairs and my reflection got out of the mirror and tried to kill me. Wonder what that means

    • christian l. on

      I had the same reacurring dream as a child and im trying to find its meaning. The nightmares finally stopped when In my dream I was being choked by my mirror self when my parents walked in and saw that I wasnt lying when I was telling them that my reflection was trying to kill me..if u find any more info on the sunject could u email me at

    • Upon trying to analyze my own dream about my reflection (in the comments above)
      I think that maybe when we fear our reflections it might have something to do with fearing who we are as people.
      I’m not saying that your a bad person, nor am I, but I personally feel that I’m not the person that I want to be yet in life.
      Then again, I tend to overanalyze myself, you may find yourself in a different situation than me. So it all depends on what’s been on your mind I guess.

  12. I had a dream that my reflection in the bathroom mirror turned and walked away. I was yelling at it but it just ignored me. I waved my armed around and I no longer had a reflection in the mirror. What does this mean???

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