Redwing Blackbird Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Redwing Blackbird Dream Symbol – The song of the redwing blackbird manifests strength and courage when it comes to your dreams. It can be a message to open up to the inner wisdom buried deep within your soul. There are big changes coming. These may have been changes slowly manifesting around you.

You sowed the seeds some time ago and got to work to make them grow. Now is the time you are about to reap the rewards of your nurturing and hard work. Everything is in place. Ready to bloom with the fruits of your hard labor.

Redwing BlackbirdRedwing blackbird can also come as a sign of emotional upheavals within your family. This will affect you deeply but you will need to remain neutral. Be available when they ask for support. Do not give advice unless asked for it. You are not there to tell them what to do. Or, to impart your wisdom. Just give them the space they need. Be there when they call. Offer unconditional support. Try to remain grounded at this time so you can be the strong support they will need. Do not get involved in the dramas. There is no need for your involvement.

These birds can thrive wherever they choose to call home in their flocks. Their survival instincts and adaptability means they can be happy anywhere as long as they are with friends and family. They are continually changing direction to follow the abundance they need to survive. This may be a message that you need to do the same too if you want to survive. They are protective of their family and young, and have no fear in chasing away those who threaten them. They teach lessons of true courage when protecting those they love.

These songbirds bring pure joy to your soul. It may mean you now need to sing songs from your soul to the world. To let them know of your existence. Build your reputation for your wisdom. Do not be a wallflower. Get out there and let others know who you are. Stand out from the crowd. Do not be afraid to showcase your creativity and gifts.

Redwing blackbirds and their sense of community, teach that sometimes there is strength in numbers. Sometimes you need to join with others, to work as a team, to achieve what it is that you need. This can be a great way to protect each other from the challenges that cross your paths. She gives a sense of belonging. Something you may need. A sense of community.

She brings lessons of living life with love and self-confidence. Communicate with others. Be open and true. Say what you think. Talk about your dreams. Encourage others to do the same.

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When Redwing Blackbird crosses your Path

Redwing blackbird crosses your path to remind you to listen to your intuition. All types of perceptions currently unfold within you to awaken your latent creativity and spiritual gifts.

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  1. Hi! This morning I was walking around this beautiful pond in the park. This beautiful bird fly across me and caught my attention. Not ones but twice till I stop to Observer it’s beautiful feathers. Just read the meaning to this redwings blackbird. It brings me comfort that the heavenly angels send me this bird in my time of need.

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